Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded


Raid Stacks of Pokie Prizes with the Viking’s Go Berzerk Reloaded Online Slot

Feel the chill of the never-ending night with the Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded online slot from Yggdrasil. Set sail into the snowy darkness in search of great rewards with this epically dangerous online pokie machine. As you go, look out for the Free Spins Feature and the Ragnarök Spins Feature, which will help you maximise your potential payout. If you're ready to go berserk, this is the right place to do it. Perhaps these days, it won't lead to new lands and resources, but it could generate hefty online pokie machine prizes!

Special Features

When the nights are long and the days are short, it's time to hunker down and play the Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded online slot machine. To make the most of this online casino experience, it pays to use your head—which might be a little tricky if you're in the middle going berzerk—so try to stay calm when unlocking both special features. Find out about the Free Spins Feature and the Ragnarök Spins Feature to benefit from their winning capabilities.

Free Spins Feature

If you're looking to trigger the Free Spins Feature on your Viking quest, here's how to go about it. Land three or more Free Spin Symbols on the reels during the base game to earn seven free spins. Moreover, four simultaneous Free Spin Symbols award seven free spins plus one Berzerk Viking, whereas five Free Spin Symbols grant seven free spins along with two Berserk Vikings. As the feature continues, a Viking Symbol may appear on the reels to defeat evil sirens. If successful, it converts itself into a Sticky Wild Symbol, which boosts your chances of hitting a winning combination on the game grid.

Ragnarök Spins Feature

Sailing the freezing oceans of northern Europe in the era of Vikings was not exactly a sure bet. Luckily, when it comes to fighting the foes on the Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded online slot machine, the Ragnarök Spins Feature is here to help you. Essentially, it secures victory over each evil siren and turns all Viking Symbols into Sticky Wild Symbols. Keep in mind that at any point, all four Viking Symbols can go berserk, which activates the Berserk Mode.

Free Play Mode

Playing online pokies NZ with real money payouts is great, but simply enjoying the fun is another excellent option. Follow the priceless entertainment with the Free Play Mode in LeoVegas’ online casino. Start playing all the best new slot games and even mix it up with popular slots at no cost. Of course, it takes away the possibility of picking up cash prizes, but the free ride is a tremendous compensation. Not to mention the ability to discover different games and how they work before playing with real money. Additionally, it’s super-easy to activate and doesn’t require you to sign up or download anything to get started.

What's it Like to Play the Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded Online Slot Machine?

If you have a penchant for all things Viking, you'll be in your element with the Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded online slot machine by Yggdrasil. Constantly teetering on the edge of going berserk, this rampaging pokie is a jaw-dropping adventure from beginning to end. Set in the middle of winter, these seafaring raiders exhibit their unique battle skills. As the video graphic snow falls gently in front of the stone-cold reels, you'll hear the ominous drone of the epically audacious soundtrack. If you like a bit of drama in your online pokie selections, Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded has got what you need!


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Viking Take Over

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How to Win on the Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded Slot Game

Winning on Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded is all about landing a combination of matching symbols along one of the game's twenty-five paylines, which exclusively run from left to right. To give you an understanding of the cash rewards that are up for grabs, here's a look at the sea-tested paytable in the Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded online pokie machine. Keep in mind that the Vikings' definition of winning was slightly different, as they would stop at nothing to take what they deemed to be theirs. As brutal and bold as this may seem all these years later, employ a fraction of their tenacity and you could find yourself walking away with surprises for the ages!

Red Viking symbol:

5 – 250.00
4 – 100.00
3 – 30.00

Purple Viking symbol:

5 – 200.00
4 – 100.00
3 – 30.00

Green Viking symbol:

5 – 175.00
4 – 75.00
3 – 25.00

Blue Viking symbol:

5 – 150.00
4 – 75.00
3 – 20.00

Gold coin symbol:

5 – 55.00
4 – 35.00
3 – 5.00

Silver coin symbol:

5 – 50.00
4 – 30.00
3 – 5.00

Bronze coin symbol:

5 – 40.00
4 – 25.00
3 – 5.00

Iron coin symbol:

5 – 35.00
4 – 20.00
3 – 5.00

How to Play the Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded Slot Game

Norse seafarers got things done with battle-hardened brawn, but you can play 'Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded' with just a little luck. Firstly, you'll need to place a bet. To get this underway, head down to the Coin Value Window and use the plus and minus symbols to adjust your bet amount, which appears one frame over to the right. Having set this where you want it, go ahead and hit the Spin Button to start your epic crusade!
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