Vikings Go Berzerk


Go Berzerk with ‘Vikings Go Berzerk’ Online Slot

Sail into the dangerous world of Vikings with ‘Vikings Go Berzerk’ online slot from YGGDRASIL. Dig out your hat and sword and get ready for the raid of a lifetime. This is online pokie well worth plundering! Get your game face on and fill your sack with Treasure Chest Bonuses, while at the same time, be sure to keep a battle-ready eye out for the mighty Free Spin Feature.

Special Features

When dealing with the Vikings of ‘Vikings Go Berzerk’ online slot, you never know when they might fill with rage and go berserk! Luckily, the special features of this online slot can help you walk away with a treasure worth raiding. Let's take a closer look at the super-generous Treasure Chest Bonus and the Free Spin Feature.

Treasure Chest Bonus

‘Vikings Go Berserk’ online slot contains 2 separate Treasure Chest Bonuses. The first comes in the form of the Treasure Chest Symbol, which appears on the 4th reel only. Within it lies 1 of 10 coin-wins which can range from 50 to 1000. Also, it could potentially contain a free spin trigger which can win you up to 21 free spins.

The second bonus is known as the Golden Treasure Chest and only appears on the last reel. It could contain several different things: a coin-win ranging from 250 to 10,000, a free spin trigger of up to 21 free spins, a rage boost or even an Ragnarök free spin trigger.

Free Spin Feature

To activate the Free Spin Feature, look to land 3 or more Free Spin Symbols. The more you land, the more free spins you'll receive. For example, if you land 3 Free Spin Symbols, you’ll win 7 free spins, whereas 5 symbols will get you 21 free spins. Keep in mind that Vikings are not generally remembered for dishing out second chances, so you'll have to take what you can get because this feature cannot be retriggered.

Free to Play Mode

Did you know that you can now play ‘Vikings Go Berzerk’ and other LeoVegas online slots for free? Simply use the game settings to switch between betting with real money and game coins. Also, you can do all of this without registering or downloading anything to your mobile or device. Now that’s freedom!

How to Win Vikings Go Berserk Online Slot

In the world of Vikings, winning is everything! Which is why it's a good thing to know how to win this game before you play. Packed to the brim with special features and bonuses such as Vikings Rage and Berserk Mode, there are so many ways to maximize your prize. After you’ve made good use of these features, winning boils down to landing matching combinations of symbols in order to collect the corresponding payout. Let's examine the symbols on offer here and see what each of them is worth.

Red Viking:

5x – 250.00

4x – 100.00

3x – 30.00

Purple Viking:

5x – 200.00

4x – 100.00

3x – 30.00

Green Viking:

5x – 125.00

4x – 75.00

3x – 25.00

Blue Viking:

5x – 150.00

4x – 75.00

3x – 20.00

Gold Coin:

5x – 70.00

4x – 30.00

3x – 6.00

Silver Coin:

5x – 60.00

4x – 30.00

3x – 6.00

Bronze Coin:

5x – 50.00

4x – 25.00

3x – 5.00

Dark Coin:

5x – 40.00

4x – 25.00

3x – 5.00

How to Play Vikings Go Berserk Online Slot

With 5 reels and 25 paylines, ‘Vikings Go Berzerk’ online slot is a very exhilarating game to play. Using the game controls at the bottom of the screen, get the ball rolling by placing a bet. Here you'll find the coin value section, where you can use the plus and minus symbols to select your bet amount. Once you've placed your bet, hit the Spin Button, and watch the power of the Vikings unfold before you!

What's it Like to Play ‘Vikings Go Berserk’ Online Slot?

When playing ‘Vikings Go Berserk’ online slot, be sure to brace yourself for impact! Set onboard a mighty dragon-styled ship on route to the next raid, this game is nothing short of barbarous. The featured Viking characters all have intense looking faces and sit at the bottom of the screen, poised, ready to fill with rage! With such a brutal atmosphere, it’s a good thing the game controls are user friendly and simple to master. Accompanied by stirring classical music, this game is not for the faint of heart, in fact it’s built for the brave and battle-ready!

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