Viking Runecraft

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Beat the Elements with ‘Viking Rune Craft’ Online Pokie

Raise your hammer and charge into the wild world of Vikings with ‘Viking Runecraft’ slot from Play’n GO. Withstand the freezing elements and raise a fist of glory as you battle your way to victory in this dark and treacherous slot adventure. With the ability to win up to 5,000x your bet amount, this seven-reel slot can really serve up some raid-worthy prizes! While you make your way into new lands, try your best to capitalise on the opportunities presented to you along the way – two big ones are the Charge of Destruction Feature and the Ragnarök Feature.

Special Features

Going head-to-head with the savagery of Vikings can take a lot of skill and courage. However, the smart way to maximise your prize in ‘Viking Runecraft’ online slot is done with brains over brawn. So, make the most of the inbuilt special features available to you and outsmart the rest. With this knowledge in hand, here's a look at how the Charge of Destruction and the Ragnarök Feature can aid you on your Viking quest.

Charge of Destruction

In base game play, there is a Charge Meter. The more you win, the more it charges up. Once it reaches its maximum charge value, it will have one of four different outcomes. The Fury of the Fenrir makes 4 diagonal lines get slashed and two other lines completely removed. Next is the Judgment of Jormungandr, which means a line of symbols are destroyed from one side of the reels all the way over to the other. Plus, several other symbols will get morphed into a new single symbol. Following on from here, there is the Scorching of Surtr. This is when three different symbols are set ablaze, and the resulting fire can spread to create a new kind of matching symbol. And finally, there is the Lure of Loki, which selects two separate symbols, making one of them get removed from the grid, while the other gets transformed into a new matching symbol

Ragnarök Feature

The Ragnarök Feature can only get triggered once per game, so be sure to make the most of it when it comes around. It dishes up some impressive multipliers, so be ready to capitalise on them. Winning on twenty symbols we'll get you a 2X multiplier. Winning on forty symbols gets you a 3X multiplier. Following this trend, sixty symbols receive a 5X multiplier and 80 symbols means you collect a 15X multiplier. So, this all sounds pretty good, but how do you trigger the Ragnarök Feature? The answer is simple - just win on additional symbols to double charge the Meter of Destruction.

Free to Play Mode

Vikings, by several accounts, were quite good at making things free. On the LeoVegas online casino NZ, games are already free, so you can put down your war axe and get straight into playing all your favourite top casino games and online pokies. To switch into playing at no cost, just use the game settings and if you want to switch back, you’re never more than a few clicks away. Also, unlike other deals, you won’t be asked for anything in return like registering, downloading, or surrendering personal information. It’s just free!

What's it Like to Play ‘Viking Rune Craft’ Online Slot?

If you're looking for a way to test your courage and resilience, this gruelling online slot is the place to go. Set on a snowy and wintery mountainside, you'll find yourself battling the elements for survival. To the right of the reels stands the thundering figure of Thor. He can make lightning strike the reels and make up to nine symbols turn wild. To the left of the reels sits the Charge Meter, which can help you activate some of the special features. The visuals are not the only dark and powerful forces at work - the solemn and brooding soundtrack also does a brilliant job of adding to this feeling and pulls you into the mood of the game.

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How to Win Viking Rune Craft Online Slot

The way to win ‘Viking Runecraft’ online slot is not what you may think. They have done away with the traditional format of paylines and win ways. Meaning, all they require you to do to win is make five or more matching symbols touch vertically or horizontally. A cool byproduct of this is that all winning symbols get removed from the grid to make way for new potential winning symbols to take their place. Now, before taking on such a dark and treacherous adventure you might want to know what's available in the prize pool. So, here's a sneak peek at the paytable inside ‘Viking Runecraft’ online pokie machine.

Hammer Symbol:

15 + - 1500.00

12 + - 375.00

10 + - 112.50

9 – 37.50

8 – 22.50

7 – 15.00

6 – 11.25

5 – 7.50

Helmet Symbol:

15 + - 375.00

12 + - 150.00

10 + - 37.50

9 – 15.00

8 – 12.00

7 – 7.50

6 – 6.00

5 – 3.75

Axe Symbol:

15 + - 150.00

12 + - 75.00

10 + - 22.50

9 – 10.50

8 – 6.00

7 – 4.50

6 – 3.00

5 – 2.25

Anchor Symbol:

15 + - 120.00

12 + - 60.00

10 + - 15.00

9 – 7.50

8 – 4.50

7 – 3.00

6 – 2.25

5 – 1.50

Red Stone Symbol:

15 + - 75.00

12 + - 37.50

10 + - 10.50

9 – 6.00

8 – 3.00

7 – 2.25

6 – 1.50

5 – 1.20

Gold Stone Symbol:

15 + - 60.00

12 + - 30.00

10 + - 9.00

9 – 4.50

8 – 2.25

7 – 1.50

6 – 1.20

5 – 0.75

Blue Stone Symbol:

15 + - 45.00

12 + - 22.50

10 + - 7.50

9 – 3.00

8 – 1.50

7 – 1.20

6 – 0.75

5 – 0.60

Purple Stone Symbol:

15 + - 30.00

12 + - 15.00

10 + - 6.00

9 – 2.25

8 – 1.20

7 – 0.75

6 – 0.60

5 – 0.45

Green Stone Symbol:

15 + - 15.00

12 + - 7.50

10 + - 3.75

9 – 1.50

8 – 0.75

7 – 0.60

6 – 0.45

5 – 0.30

How to Play Viking Rune Craft Online Slot

At the very bottom of the screen, you will see an array of preset bet amounts laid out before you. From this list, you can select a bet amount and in turn place a bet. The amount you choose will appear in the betting window next to the Spin Button. Now you've made your bet, you're ready to set sail on an epic Viking quest with ‘Viking Runecraft’ online slot. To kick things off, all you need to do is click on the big green Spin Button located on the right- hand side of the game controls, and just like that, you'll be on your way to conquer new lands filled with prizes.
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