Treasure of Tengshe

Blue Guru Games

Take on the Streets of China with ‘Treasure of Tengshe’ Pokie

Jump into an Asian-styled adventure with ‘Treasure of Tengshe’ from Blue Guru Games. Loaded with all the classic Chinese motifs, this online betting experience will leave you with that quintessential, slightly magical, eastern feeling. With 50 active paylines across the 5x5 reels, this high volatility slot will take you on an oriental adventure for the ages. As you navigate your way towards the treasure, stay on the lookout for the Free Spins Feature and the Expanding Wilds Feature to increase your potential winnings!

Special Features

Dealing with Dragons is never easy, but with a little help from the special features within ‘Treasure of Tengshe’, you’ll be ready to seize the moment! With that in mind, let's take a closer look at how the Free Spins Feature and the Expanding Wild Feature can improve your chances of landing a dragon-sized prize!

Free Spins Feature

To activate the Free Spins Feature within ‘Treasure of Tengshe’, you'll need the assistance of the Dragon Symbol. More specifically, you'll need to land three of them on the reels simultaneously. As the feature begins, you will start off with an initial 5 free spins. However, as you progress, you'll notice the Dragon is now sitting above the middle reel and that two new symbols have appeared on the reels – a Red Firework Symbol and a Green Firework Symbol. The Dragon will come down off his perch and eat these Firework Symbols as they land. As a consequence of this, he will get bigger and bigger and start to dish out extra free spins with every new symbol he consumes.

Expanding Wilds Feature

The Expanding Wilds Feature is all about the Dragon Symbol. When this symbol lands, it performs its natural role – substituting for normal symbols; but it also expands to cover more of the reels at any one time. While it lasts, this will create extra winning opportunities. However, you’ll have to stay alert and sharpen your eye, as it only appears on the reels 1, 3, and 5. Also, every time it lands, it could potentially raise the wild multiplier by 1x.

Free to Play Mode

Did you know that you can now play all your favorite slot games for free with the LeoVegas online casino in New Zealand? How cool is that? It's super easy to switch into betting with game coins rather than real money – simply adjust the settings inside the slot of your choice. Also, as a final cherry on top, you won't need to register or download anything to your phone, device, or computer to play for free.

What's it Like to Play ‘Treasure of Tengshe’ Slot?

Surrounded by lanterns, fireworks and dragons, you’ll be transported into the streets of an ancient Chinese festival thanks to ‘Treasure of Tengshe’ online pokie. Take in the magic of the cobbled stone streets as the festivities rage on around you. Visually, this is a very compelling slot and leaves you with a sense of wonder around the mighty dragon which surprises you when it appears out of nowhere! The soundtrack adds to the spectacle and sets you up for one enjoyable betting experience in the world of online slots NZ.

Blue Guru Games

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Treasure Hunt

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How to Win Treasure of Tengshe Online Slot

While searching for treasure is never easy, at least winning ‘Treasure of Tengshe’ can be. Essentially, you’ll be looking to land matching combinations of game symbols across one of the 50 active win lines. Keep in mind that depending on which symbols you create your matching combination with your payout will differ accordingly. With that in mind, let's look at how much each symbol is worth when playing ‘Treasure of Tengshe’ online pokie.

Fire Bird Symbol:

5 – 15x

4 – 3x

3 – 0.5x

Flower Symbol:

5 – 6x

4 – 2x

3 – 0.4x

Frog Symbol:

5 – 3x

4 – 1.5x

3 – 0.3x

Gold Symbol:

5 – 2x

4 – 1x

3 – 0.2x

Heart Symbol:

5 – 1x

4 – 0.4x

3 – 0.1x

Spade Symbol:

5 – 1x

4 – 0.4x

3 – 0.1x

Club Symbol:

5 – 1x

4 – 0.4x

3 – 0.1x

Diamond Symbol:

5 – 1x

4 – 0.4x

3 – 0.1x

How to Play Treasure of Tengshe Slot

Playing ‘Treasure of Tengshe’ online slot is a very pleasant betting experience. First things first, to get started you will need to place a bet. To do this, simply adjust the arrows in the betting window. The upward facing arrow will increase your bet, whereas the downward facing arrow will decrease it. Once you've selected a bet amount you feel comfortable with, you can take to the Chinese streets and spin the reels. There are a few ways to do this, you can either hit the Spin Button, spacebar or enter key to set the reels into motion.
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