Toro Shogun


Take Another Ride with Toro in the Toro Shogun Online Slot

Chop your way into a traditional Asian-style village with the always fun Toro Shogun online slot machine by Elk. Slash and dash your way around the ancient world in search of some super killer prizes! Back in the days, things were quiet and never overcomplicated. Meaning, there's only a few special features in this exciting, yet placid online casino hit. To maximize your potential winnings, be sure to trigger the Bonus Game and the Toro Goes Wild Feature.

Special Features

Whenever there are sharp swords, dangerous dragons, and raging bulls around, it pays to know what you’re up to. If you want to win prizes in this slash and dash world, you'll need the help of the bonus modes. Here's a few of the key pointers about how to maximize your winnings with the Bonus Game and the Toro Goes Wild special feature.

Bonus Game

To trigger the Bonus Game in the Toro Shogun online slot machine, you'll need to land three Bonus Symbols. This will grant you access to the Free Spins Bonus, which starts with seven free spins. Draw three Bonus Symbols during the Shogun Mode to launch the Shogun Bonus, which enables you to enjoy free spins in perpetual Shogun Mode. Hopefully, this will be a raging bull of a success the first time. If not, don't worry, you can retrigger this feature further down the line.

Toro Goes Wild Feature

The Toro Goes Wild Feature in the Toro Shogun online slot machine plays out when Toro chases the matador and makes him drop Wild Symbols in his wake. To get to this point, you may need the respins—where you can land two Matador Symbols and receive one respin. The more Wild Symbols you collect, the better your chances of hitting a winning combination worth a fortune.

Free Play Mode

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What's it Like to Play the Toro Shogun Online Slot Game?

You may have seen these characters before in other online slots. Perhaps they’re a pair of familiar faces? However, this time they are operating in an ancient Oriental village, where they face a whole new set of obstacles, including swords, dragons, and ancient masters. The game reels are set up on two posts sitting in the middle of a picturesque and quiet Asian town. Traditional golden leaves decorate the posts and create a contrast of the characters against their newfound setting. The soundtrack is moody and based around the authentic instruments of the area. The inciting drum rhythm leads you through this dynamic online casino journey.


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How to Win on the Toro Shogun Slot Game

To win on the Toro Shogun online slot machine, you'll need to slip into the mindset of an ancient Asian ruler. No, not really—you'll just have to land combinations of matching symbols on the active paylines. To speed up your perception of how much you could win, here's the paytable of this bull in a china shop type online slot machine.

Master Symbol:

5 – 20.00

4 – 10.00

3 – 4.00

Flower Symbol:

5 – 6.00

4 – 3.00

3 – 2.00

Fan Symbol:

5 – 3.00

4 – 1.50

3 – 1.00

Orange Symbol:

5 – 1.50

4 – 1.00

3 – 0.50

Red Dragon Symbol:

5 – 1.00

4 – 0.60

3 – 0.40

Green Dragon Symbol:

5 – 0.80

4 – 0.50

3 – 0.30

Blue Dragon Symbol:

5 – 0.60

4 – 0.40

3 – 0.20

How to Play the Toro Shogun Slot Game

Located in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, you'll see a coin icon and plus symbol fading in and out of focus. Click on it and select your preferred preset bet amount. Now you've made the right choice, you're ready to play! Simply hit the big bold Spin Button and the game will commence. Even more interesting: the preset bet amount page allows you to see what's hidden behind the game reels. Click and see for yourself!
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