Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Pragmatic Play Live
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Work up a Sweet with ‘Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live’

Jump into a land of candy with ‘Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live’. Set in the style of a game show, this offering from Pragmatic Play Live certainly is seductively sweet! Spin the wheels of this sweet tooth fantasy and watch yourself shuffle to the edge of your seat as you will the wheel to spin closer and closer to your bet! “JUST ONE MORE!” To maximize your prize, keep an eye out for the Sugar Bomb Booster Feature and the three incredible candy-riddled Bonus Games!

Special Features

While the wheel can technically land on any position and offer up a potential prize, to win big, you'll need to activate the Sweet Bonanza Candyland special features. These include Sweet Spins, Candy Drops, and Bubbles Surprises, but let's just explore the massive multipliers in the Sugar Bomb Booster feature and Sweet Spins Bonus Game. In such an indulgent game, it would be wrong not to go all the way!

Sugar Bomb Booster Special Feature

To make the most of ‘Sweet Bonanza Candyland’ , you'll need to activate the optional double-multiplier known as the Sugar Bomb Booster. Located in the game-user interface, simply move the tiny bomb graphic from the ‘Off Position’ over to the ‘On Position’. Doing so will double the multiplier generated when the wheel lands on the Sugar Bomb Segment (provided of course you placed a bet on it). Keep in mind that while it yields high rewards, it also costs an additional 25%.

The Candy Drop feature

The Candy Drop feature in Sweet Bonanza Candyland lets all players who wager on it to qualify for the bonus round. When the player enters the bonus round, they are offered the option of choosing one of three candies, each of which starts with a different multiplier. This feature allows players to win large rewards potentially and adds another degree of excitement to the game. /n

Sweet Spins Bonus Game

If you place a bet on the ‘Sweet Spins’ segment and end up successful, you'll qualify for this extremely exciting bonus game. Once activated, super-sweet symbols will appear on a 6x5 grid. After each spin all winning combos will get cleared to make room for the new symbols to tumble into. This will happen repeatedly until no new winning combos occur.

How to Win Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live

While ‘Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live’ is predominantly a game of chance, there are still certain ways to put yourself in a smart position to win. Let's have a look at all the different symbols, how many of each symbol are present on the wheel, and what they each payout at.

Symbol 1 appears in 23 segments and pays out at 1:1
Symbol 2 appears in 15 segments and pays out at 2:1
Symbol 5 appears in 07 segments and pays out at 5:1

Bubble Surprise appears in 3 segments
Candy Drop appears in 2 segments
Sweet Spins appears in 1 segment
Sugar Bomb appears in 3 segments

How to Play Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live

In ‘Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live’ there are 6 super-sweet betting positions which correspond to the segments on the wheel. To bet, simply place your wager on the position you think the wheel will stop on. Keep in mind that this tasty wheel-based game has a minimum bid of 0.40 and a maximum of 6,000. To help you, the control panel also has a Last Winning Symbol Feature, which allows you to see all the symbols that have recently been successful.

What's it Like Inside Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live

This live streamed game is set in a sweet tooth’s paradise. Everywhere you look, you’ll see a world constructed of delicious treats. From pillars of candy to marshmallow snow, there really is something to satisfy every type of sugar craving. The color palette is vibrant and uplifting while still not feeling over-bearing or over played. In this game the wonder of candy is celebrated and given a real platform to shine. Upon entry, you'll be greeted by a highly trained host, who will welcome you into this delicious betting experience. Equipped with a mouthwatering soundtrack and matching sound-effects, this game is simply sweeter than the rest.

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