Sweep&Win Roulette

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Win up to 7 Straight Ups on Sweep&Win Roulette

Is it possible to win 7 Straight Ups? You bet it is! Especially if you bet on Sweep&Win Roulette in our online casino NZ. Every spin on this European roulette table can trigger its signature Sweep&Win feature, illuminate the wheel, and add multipliers of up to x100 to six additional numbers! Are you ready to sweep the roulette wheel with a big win?!

Sweep&Win Roulette Features

The Sweep&Win Roulette game plays out just as smoothly as any other roulette table, with a simple twist: The Sweep&Win feature. Let’s roll it out for you below.


The pièce de résistance of this classic roulette table is the Sweep&Win feature. Every spin has a 50/50 chance of it being triggered, and you’ll certainly know when it hits! The Sweep & Win name will light up on the roulette wheel and grant 6 numbers a multiplier of up to x100. You can win on any of these SIX single numbers plus the actual number the ball lands on, allowing for a sweep of up to 7 Straight Up wins on a single spin!

Sweep&Win Roulette for Free

With classic casino games that offer a twist, it can be of serious value to play them for free first. In our online casino NZ, all of our R&G games offer a demo mode that lets you experience the game authentically, just without any risk. Use virtual coins to place your bets, try out the Sweep&Win feature, and test your strategy before committing to playing with real dollars. When you’re ready, it will only take a few clicks to wager for real money.

What it’s Like to Play Sweep&Win Roulette

Unlike brick & mortar casinos, roulette can be branded, come with colourful side bets, and bold bonuses when played in our online casino New Zealand! This Switch Studios 2024 release takes it to the next level with a first-to-market Sweep&Win feature that allows you to win multiple Straight Up bets on a single spin. Yet, at it’s heart, it’s a classic game of European roulette on a wheel with 36 pockets and a single green zero.

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How to Win Sweep&Win Roulette

Like traditional roulette, the goal is to predict which pocket that little ball will land in. Bets can be made as an even-money vague bet on say, the ball landing in a black or red pocket, or be very specific with a Straight Up bet as in - it’s going to land on 36. Here’s how the different roulette bets payout in this particular game:

Straight Up Bet 19:1
Split Bet 17:1
Street Bet 11:1
Basket Bet 11:1
Square Bet 8:1
Top Line Bet 8:1
Line Bet 5:1
Column Bet 2:1
Dozen Bet 2:1
Even-Money Bet 1:1

How to Play Sweep&Win Roulette

Sweep&Win Roulette features a standard European roulette wheel with 37 pockets numbered 0 to 36. You can place various types of bets including inside bets (straight-up, split, street, corner, and line bets) and outside bets (Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low, Dozens, and Columns) for every money. .

To play the game, start by placing your bet on the roulette table, selecting your desired chip value, and clicking on the desired betting areas. Once all bets are placed, the wheel will spin with a click of the SPIN button, and time will tell how it all lands!
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