Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood


Get Out of Town with ‘Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood’ Slot

A storm is brewing in the Wild West and it's your job to figure out who’s to blame with ‘Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood’ online slot from Quickspin. Watch the town noose sway in the breeze as the dust clouds gather, in what promises to be a wild online slot adventure. With five main characters that act as wild symbols and the ability to ride out of town with a bag full of impressive prizes, ‘Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood’ has got all the makings of a thrilling Western tale! As you make your way through the town, keep your eyes in the back of your head - so you can spot the Revenge Free Spins Feature and the Buy Feature. Both do wonders for your win total!

Special Features

Venturing into the wheeling and dealing ways of the Wild West is a challenge, not to mention having to deal with five main characters simultaneously. Not to worry, the special features in ‘Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood’ online slot are a huge helping hand. They can help you increase your overall win total and maximise your time playing this Wild Western online pokie. Here's a little insight into the inner workings of the Revenge Free Spins Feature and the Buy Feature.

Revenge Free Spins Feature

If you can land three or more Wild Symbols, you'll set off the Revenge Free Spins Feature in ‘Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood’ online slot. It works on a sliding scale. The more Wild Symbols you land, the more Revenge Free Spins will come your way. Three wilds get you ten free spins, four bags you twelve free spins, and the maximum of five Wild Symbols collects fifteen Revenge Free Spins. Keep in mind, the Wild Symbols that set off the feature will become sticky and remain in place for the entire process. Also, you can always land an extra Wild Symbol once the feature has activated to dish up an extra free spin. This is all well and good, but what you really want to capitalise on is when Wild Symbols stack across an entire line. This will activate the Trail of Blood and opens the ability to win 300X your bet amount.

Buy Feature

Out on the perimeter the rules are a little different. And sometimes it's not about who you know, it's about what you're willing to pay for it. And in a town like this one, money talks. With the Buy Feature, you can pay your way into the Revenge Free Spins Feature. The more you pay, the higher the number of Wild Symbols “hypothetically” activate the game. Meaning, a 100X bet payment will be the same as if you activated the game with three genuine Wild Symbols. Whereas, if you pay 400X, the feature will activate as if you landed four Wild Symbols.

Free to Play Mode

Not much came for free in the olden days of the Wild West. However, that’s not the case today. Right now, you can play all your favourite top casino games and online pokies for free with LeoVegas online casino NZ. What’s great about playing without paying, is that you get a lot more time to explore a slot game before you decide if you’d like to commit any real money. Also, it gives you more of a chance to check out pokie games you might not normally try. It’s easy to switch back and forth between betting with game coins and real money using the settings in the game of your choice. And you won’t be asked to register or download anything to your phone or device.

What's it Like to Play ‘Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood’ Slot?

You can't start playing ‘Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood’ online slot without noticing the rolling clouds of dust flooding over the town. Their dark energy sets the tone for the rest of the game and creates a perfect backdrop for one heck of a spooky small town betting experience. Each of the main characters act as a Wild Symbol and sit neatly in their golden frames – each one has a matching bullet sitting at the bottom of the reels. Each bullet has the corresponding name written on it. This lets you know which role each character plays in the town. There's the Mayor, the Banker, the Sheriff, Saloon Sally, and the Deputy Sheriff. You can find all the game controls on the right-hand side of the screen, but if you look to the left, you'll see a Bonus Feature. The soundtrack ticks along in the background with a galloping rhythm, adding to the already elevated tension. If you like high stakes and dark times, this is one online betting experience that ticks all the right boxes.


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The Life of a Bandit

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How to Win Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood Slot

After making good use of the Revenge Free Spins Feature, or even the Buy Feature - if you're that way inclined - to maximise your total payout. Winning ‘Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood’ slot boils down to simply landing winning combinations. If you can land a matching combo of game symbols across one of the ten active paylines, moving from the leftmost reel towards the right, you’ll bag yourself a win. And depending on the value of your matching symbols, your prize will differ accordingly. You can find out the values of each symbol before you start playing here.

Revolver Symbol:

5 – 75.00

4 – 10.00

3 – 2.00

2 – 0.50

Knife Symbol:

5 – 40.00

4 – 7.50

3 – 1.50

2 – 0.40

Brass Knuckles Symbol:

5 – 30.00

4 – 6.00

3 – 1.20

2 – 0.30

Firebomb Symbol:

5 – 20.00

4 – 5.00

3 – 1.00

2 – 0.20

Ace Symbol:

5 – 10.00

4 – 2.00

3 – 1.00

King Symbol:

5 – 7.50

4 – 1.50

3 – 0.50

Queen Symbol:

5 – 5.00

4 – 1.20

3 – 0.40

Jack Symbol:

5 – 4.00

4 – 1.00

3 – 0.20

How to Play Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood Slot

After opening ‘Sticky Bandits Trail of Blood’ online pokie machine, the first thing to do is click on the casino chips icon located at the bottom of the game controls. This will present you with a series of bets that you can make. Click on the bet you want to use, and it will appear in the total bet window below. With your bet already placed, hit the Spin Button, in the middle of the game controls, to start the reels moving. The reels will then stop to reveal various combinations of symbols, some of which could be winning combinations!
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