Snake Arena


Slither your way to success with ‘Snake Arena’ Slot

Explore the ins and outs of a medieval castle with ‘Snake Arena’ pokie from Relax. Test your strategic abilities as you navigate the dangerous passageways of this dark and gloomy arena. With 30 ways to win and an epic battle which is constantly playing out between the Knight and the Snake, as far as online pokie games go – this one gets the heart racing. As you trek your way through the game, be sure to make the most of the Free Spins Feature and the Wild Chase Feature to up your overall winnings.

Special Features

Despite what you've read in story books, taking on a medieval castle is no easy job! Luckily, you'll have the special features in ‘Snake Arena’ slot to help you return in one piece. With that in mind, let's look at how the Free Spins Feature and the Wild Chase Feature can assist in your medieval adventure.

Free Spins Feature

To activate the Free Spins Feature in ‘Snake Arena’, two things need to happen. One is a snake and the other is a knight. Essentially, you'll need to land a Snakehead Symbol and a Knight Symbol on the reels at the same time. Before each spin, the snake will advance his attack on the Knight Symbol. He will eat the Knight if he's able to and, if successful, he will grow in length making a new spin occur. However, if he is unsuccessful due to the fact his snake body is blocking his path, the snake will perish and the entire feature will come to a close. If the snake manages to fill up all the positions between reels 2 and 5, you'll win a prize of 1000x your bet amount. You won't find too many online pokies with a Free Spin Feature quite like this one!

Wild Chase Feature

There's not much you can do to activate the Wild Chase Feature in ‘Snake Arena’ online pokie – it just triggers randomly. What's so great about this feature is it can turn between 1 and 5 reels into Wild Reels. This is beneficial because you will have much more chance of creating matching symbols with wild symbols on board. They can substitute for most other game symbols. When it begins, the Snake and the Knight symbol will appear on the screen, if they appear at the same time – the reels will become wild. However, if they peek out at different times, three times in a row, you will miss out.

Free to Play Mode

It's now easier than ever to test out all your favourite online slots and mobile pokies without needing to pay. This is because with LeoVegas online casino you can now play almost anything you want for free. To switch from betting with real money into game coins, simply adjust the settings within your chosen slot. Simple as that. Plus, you won't need to register or download anything to your device, phone or computer.

What's it Like to Play ‘Snake Arena’ Pokie?

If you're a fan of all things medieval, you'll absolutely love ‘Snake Arena’. It stays true to the iconic imagery of the time – we're talking goblets, crowns, swords and snakes. However, the super-cool thing is that it reimagines them all and refreshes them for the modern era. Set inside the four walls of a giant castle, the floor which makes up the reels, you'll feel like you've been cast back in time. The soundtrack is led by beating drums and soaring strings that lead you through the game in grand style. If you're looking for a thrilling slot with a unique twist, this is the slot for you!

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How to Win Snake Arena Online Slot

Exploring an ancient castle can be distracting to say the least. However, just keep in mind the 30 different ways to win ‘Snake Arena’ online slot. To be victorious is this thrilling adventure look to land matching combinations of symbols across one of its predetermined paylines and win the corresponding prize. So, with that in mind, let's look at how much each symbol is worth in this amazing castle-themed slot.

Crown Symbol:

5 – 20.00

4 – 5.00

3 – 1.00

Snake Eye Symbol:

5 – 10.00

4 – 3.00

3 – 0.70

Sword Symbol:

5 – 5.00

4 – 2.00

3 – 0.50

Beer Goblet Symbol:

5 – 4.00

4 – 1.50

3 – 0.40

Gold Coin Symbol:

5 – 2.00

4 – 0.70

3 – 0.20

Bronze Coin Symbol:

5 – 2.00

4 – 0.70

3 – 0.20

Blue Coin Symbol:

5 – 2.00

4 – 0.70

3 – 0.20

Grey Coin Symbol:

5 – 2.00

4 – 0.70

3 – 0.20

How to Play Snake Arena Online Slot

While dodging snakes that want to eat you could be considered quite difficult, at least playing ‘Snake Arena’ is more on the simple side. To get started, place a bet using the plus and minus symbols on either side of the betting window. The plus symbol will increase your bet amount, whereas the minus symbol will decrease it. As soon as you're happy with your bet, go ahead and hit the Spin Button and set this medieval adventure into action.
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