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Live Life in the Fast Lane with ‘Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness’ Slot

Join the enigma that is Rich Wilde on yet another epic adventure with ‘Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness’ from Play’n GO. This time, you'll find Rich deep in his element, exploring an old, abandoned tome. With the ability to win up to 2000x your bet amount, this is one dashingly handsome slot with the firepower to deliver some serious prizes. As you wander around this mysterious adventure-themed betting experience, be sure to look out for the special features like Other World Free Round and Special Wilds.

Special Features

Keeping up with Rich Wilde is never an easy task. He's here, and he's there. From times gone by, he’s a renaissance man on a mission. So, to make sure you maximize your time with him, be sure to capitalize on the many special features available. With that understood, let's take a closer look at how both the Other World Free Round and the Special Wilds Feature can help you increase your overall take.

Other World Free Round

To enter the Other World Free Round, you'll first need to open the portal. To do this, you'll need to win on 42 symbols. Once you have done this, and the feature has begun, you will be able to capitalize on any additional winning symbols you managed to land. For example, after every three additional winning symbols landed an extra portal effect will come into play. There are a total of seven available and all should be utilized as you progress through the game. This is great, but it doesn't stop there! Another final portal effect will be added when no further wins occur. Once this is played out, the Otherworld Free Round will come to an end when all remaining portal effects have been used up.

Special Wilds

To activate the many special Wild Symbols available in ‘Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness’ you'll need a little assistance from the portal. The thing about the portal is it needs get charged up in order to be effective. To do this, it comes down to one essential element - winning! As the portal gets charged, the special Wild Symbols will start to be added to the grid. The first is the Multiplier Wild, which has the very useful benefit of taking all your subsequent wins and doubling their value. The next is the Mega Wild Symbol. This makes its way down the playing grid, setting up new winning possibilities everywhere it lands. Keep in mind, that aside from their forementioned abilities, these Wild Symbols still have their normal knack of substituting for regular game symbols on the grid.

Free to Play Mode

One of the super-cool features of playing slot games on the LeoVegas online casino in New Zealand, is that you can now play as many online pokies as you wish for free! That's right, you can now sample loads of online slots before deciding which ones you want to play for real. It's simple to switch between betting with real money and game coins inside the game settings of your chosen slot. Better yet, you won't need to register or download anything to your phone, or computer to access free-to-play mode.

What’s it Like to Play ‘Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness’ Slot

If you're a thrill seeker, you’ll love the highly dramatic thrills and spills that are synonymous with ‘Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness’. Filled with ultra-spooky imagery, you'll be shaking in your boots as you help Rich Wilde navigate these long-forgotten passageways. The video graphics a high quality and do a great job of conveying the thunder and lightning which rages outside the window. As you play, you'll notice a mist rolling through the bottom of the screen. This is just another little touch that makes the adventure come to life and feel so true to life. It's not just the visuals either, the soundtrack and sound effects add a lot to the scary atmosphere hanging over this well put together slot.

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A Female Hero

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How to Win Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness Slot

While the actual playing of ‘Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness’ is exciting and challenging, like a lot of other online pokies, winning it is relatively straightforward. To win this dangerous quest, you'll need to land matching combinations of game symbols across the grid. Remember each game symbol holds a different value and depending on which symbols you create a combo with your prize will differ. With that in mind, let's look at how much each game symbol is worth when paid out in a combination of four or more.

Pendant Symbol:

10x – 150.00

9x – 75.00

8x – 48.00

7x – 24.00

6x – 12.00

5x – 6.00

4x – 3.00

Sword Symbol:

10x – 90.00

9x – 45.00

8x – 36.00

7x – 18.00

6x – 9.00

5x – 4.50

4x – 2.25

Ring Symbol:

10x – 60.00

9x – 30.00

8x – 24.00

7x – 12.00

6x – 6.00

5x – 3.00

4x – 1.50

Octopus Symbol:

10x – 45.00

9x – 22.50

8x – 18.00

7x – 9.00

6x – 4.50

5x – 2.25

4x – 1.05

Purple Stone:

10x – 9.00

9x – 6.75

8x – 6.00

7x – 3.00

6x – 1.50

5x – 0.90

4x – 0.60

Red Stone:

10x – 7.50

9x – 6.00

8x – 4.80

7x – 2.40

6x – 1.20

5x – 0.75

4x – 0.45

Blue Stone:

10x – 6.00

9x – 4.50

8x – 3.60

7x – 1.80

6x – 0.90

5x – 0.60

4x – 0.30

Green Stone:

10x – 3.00

9x – 2.25

8x – 1.80

7x – 0.90

6x – 0.45

5x – 0.30

4x – 0.15

How to Play Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness Slot

To start playing this thrilling online slot, you'll need to place a bet. Along the bottom of the screen, you'll see there are a bunch of preset bet amounts to choose from. At the two ends of this row sit a plus and a minus symbol. You can use to either to further increase or decrease your total bet amount. Once you have found the right bet for you, there's only one thing left to do - hit the Spin Button, located in the right-hand corner of the screen. Remember, you can also use the spacebar or enter key to stop and restart the reels!
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