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Go Galactic with ‘Reactoonz’ Online Slot

Take off into outer space with ‘Reactoonz’ online slot from Play’n GO. Come face to face with googly-eyed aliens and discover some of the galaxies most gargantuan personalities! While they may be from another planet, they still know how to win big! Be sure to check out the 4 different types of Quantum Features that can aid in your efforts to return to Earth with as much space booty as you can carry!

Special Features

You might not be able to rely on these freaky little space monsters, but you sure can rely on this game’s special features to maximize your prize. Let's get out the telescope and take a good long look into the 4 different types of Quantum Features available within ‘Reactoonz’.

Gargantuan Bonus Feature

The "Reactoonz" slot game features a Gargantoon Bonus Feature, which is a key element of the game's bonus mechanics. The Gargantoon is a character in the game that offers various bonuses and can be triggered in different ways. When the Gargantoon is activated, it can divide itself into two separate 2x2 icons, which can generate significant wins. It can also morph into nine individual Gargantoon Wilds, providing another opportunity for big cash payouts. Additionally, the Gargantoon can trigger the Instability Bonus, where it throws between 4 - 8 Wilds onto the reels after any non-winning spin, aiming to create winning combinations. These features contribute to the game's high volatility and the potential for substantial winnings. The game does not have traditional scatter or bonus symbols, but it offers a unique gaming experience with its cluster-based mechanics and various bonus features./nThe Gargantoon Bonus Feature in "Reactoonz" is an integral part of the game's appeal, offering players the chance to enjoy an engaging and potentially rewarding gaming experience./n

Quantum leap Features

While quantum physics might be difficult to understand, these Quantum Features are dead simple. With 4 separate features in total, let's zoom in and break them down one by one. However, before we do, you'll need to know how to activate these features. All 4 Quantum Features are activated by the Quantum Leap machine. This is a box that charges up every time you win and adds new Quantum Features into the game after every 25 winning symbols.

Implosion Feature:

The Implosion Feature destroys all adjacent symbols and can turn 3-6 symbols into wilds.

Incision Feature:

The Incision Feature slices through the grid and leaves a chosen random symbol in its diagonal wake.

Demolition Feature:

The Demolition Feature explodes all matching symbols and has it in for the one-eyed variety of space monsters.

Alteration Feature:

The Alteration Feature transforms all matching symbols into different matching symbols.

Free to Play Mode

Did you know that you can play ‘Reactoonz’ online slot and other LeoVegas titles for free? Simply use the game settings to switch between betting with real money and game coins. Better still, you can do all this without ever needing to register or download anything to your phone or device.

How to Win Reactoonz Online Slot

While this online slot is futuristic and space age, it doesn't mean it’s complicated. In fact, it's quite simple. Look to land lines of matching symbols in order to win the corresponding prizes. Let's take a squizz at all of the game symbols on offer within ‘Reactoonz’ online slot and see how much each one is worth.

Pink 2-Eyed Alien:

15+ - 1200.00
12+ - 80.00
10+ - 32.00
9 – 12.80
8 – 8.00
7 – 4.80
6 – 3.20
5 – 1.60

Green 2-Eyed Alien:

15+ - 480.00
12+ - 40.00
10+ - 16.00
9 – 6.40
8 – 4.80
7 – 3.20
6 – 1.60
5 – 1.28

Orange 2-Eyed Alien:

15+ - 240.00
12+ - 16.00
10+ - 8.00
9 – 4.80
8 – 3.20
7 – 1.60
6 – 1.28
5 – 0.96

Blue 2-Eyed Alien:

15+ - 120.00
12+ - 8.00
10+ - 4.80
9 – 3.20
8 – 2.40
7 – 1.60
6 – 1.12
5 – 0.80

Green and Yellow 1-Eyed Aliens:

15+ - 4.80
12+ - 1.60
10+ - 1.28
9 – 0.96
8 – 0.45
7 – 0.32
6 – 0.24
5 – 0.16

Purple and Orange 1-Eyed Aliens:

15+ - 16.00
12+ - 4.80
10+ - 1.60
9 – 1.28
8 – 0.96
7 – 0.64
6 – 0.32
5 – 0.24

How to Play Reactoonz Online Slot

To play ‘Reactoonz’ online slot by Play’n Go, the first thing you need to do is place your bet. At the bottom of the screen, you will find a series of presets from which you can choose your bet amount. The minimum bet is 0.20 and the maximum is 100.00. Once you have selected the bet which is right for you, simply hit the big green Spin Button on the right- hand side of your screen.

What's it Like to Play Reactoonz Online Slot

Playing reactions can only be described as one very wild ride. The concept of space can be bamboozling at the best of times, let alone when you come face to face with a cast of dubious space monsters. As cute as they are, seeing them all lined up gives you the distinct suspicion that you are being watched! The soundtrack is modern sounding but constantly gets interrupted by the sound of snoring and alarm clocks. Truly a game for lovers of all things bizarre, this is an eye-opening experience regardless of whether you have one eye or two.

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