Rainbow 3x3

1x2 Gaming

Find the Gold at the End of the Rainbow with ‘Rainbow 3x3’ Slot

Feel the luck of the Irish with ‘Rainbow 3x3’ online pokie you from 1x2 Gaming. Follow the rainbow across this unique setup to discover some seriously stacked prizes. With nine-reel windows operating simultaneously, you'll have your hands full with this epically Irish slot game. As you're playing, keep an eye out for the separate reels, as they all spin together creating an exciting situation where you could potentially win nine times with one single spin!

Special Features

While ‘Rainbow 3x3’ doesn't have any traditional special features like a generic Free Spins Feature, or a Tumble feature, its unique reel windows almost play this role. They keep the game interesting and keep you guessing the entire time. With that in mind, let's look at how these nine-reel windows work within this unique online betting experience known as, ‘Rainbow 3x3’.

Reel Windows

Unlike other slot games, ‘Rainbow 3x3’ has its own way of doing things when it comes to the concept of reels. Essentially, there are nine sets of reel windows, which hold three symbols each. The aim of the game is to get as many of these reel windows to land a matching combo of three symbols as you possibly can. Keep in mind, you can also affect the RTP by turning certain reels off and on at any one time. Meaning, you don't need to necessarily bet with the full number of reel windows on every spin. You can mix it up. The more matching combinations you create, the higher your potential payout will climb!

Free to Play Mode

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What's it Like to Play ‘Rainbow 3x3’ Online Slot?

Playing ‘Rainbow 3x3’ is a unique gambling experience. While you may recognize the classic Irish iconography which fills the reels, you may be new to the concept of 3x3. While using this online slot, you'll notice it's both complicated and simple at the same time. Meaning, there’s a lot going on! With nine separate reel windows all spinning simultaneously, but it's also quite simple in the sense that all you need to do is hit the Spin Button and watch the luck of the Irish unfold before your very eyes. The most exciting part about it all is that you can essentially win nine times in one spin! Complete with a little Irish music, this is one very entertaining online pokie!

1x2 Gaming

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Luck of the Irish

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How to Win Rainbow 3x3 Online Pokie

To win a prize in ‘Rainbow 3x3’ is a little different compared with other online slots NZ, you'll need to get three matching symbols to land in any one reel window, at one time. Each various symbol has its own multiplier, so let's look at all the available symbols, and see how much of a multiplier comes with each one specifically.

Rainbow Symbol:

3 – 1x

Balloon Symbol:

3 – 2x

Flag Symbol:

3 – 3x

Pipe Symbol:

3 – 4x

Leaf Symbol:

3 – 5x

Barrell Symbol:

3 – 6x

Bottle Symbol:

3 – 7x

Beer Handle Symbol:

3 – 8x

Beer Pint Symbol:

3 – 10x

3 Leaf Clover Symbol:

3 – 15x

4 Leaf Clover Symbol:

3 – 20x

Harp Symbol:

3 – 25x

Horseshoe Symbol:

3 – 30x

Cross Symbol:

3 – 50x

Hat Symbol:

3 – 100x

Gold Symbol:

3 – 500x

How to Play Rainbow 3x3 Online Pokie

The first thing to do when playing ‘Rainbow 3x3’ online slot is to place a bet. To choose your bet amount, simply adjust it using the plus and minus symbols at the bottom of the screen. The plus symbol will increase your bet amount, whereas the minus symbol will lower it. After deciding on a number you feel happy about, go ahead and hit the Spin Button on the far right-hand side of the screen.
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