Pirots 2


Step Back in Time with Pirots 2 Online Slot Game

Heed the call of the dinosaurs as you explore the wild wonders of Pirots 2 online slot game from Elk. Who knows what prehistoric wonders you could discover in this sterling edition to the Pirots game line?

You'll be deep in the jungle as you make your way through the endless twists and turns of this feathered frenzy! However, to really capitalise on everything Pirots 2 online pokie game has to offer, you'll want to tap into the magic of the Feature Symbols and the Free Drops Feature. Find it within your powers to use both special features to their full extent, and you will be prepared to take flight with this bird-loving betting game.

Special Features

The idea of being left alone in a prehistoric jungle with winged creatures might sound frightening, but there is nothing to worry about here! When it comes to the special features of Pirots 2 online slot game, you can make the most of the various Feature Symbols and the Free Drop Feature. Get both of these features working together and you will be in good hands—or should we say wings?

Various Feature Symbols

There are various Feature Symbols you can use while playing Pirots 2 online slot game from Elk. The first is the Coin Symbol. Landing one of these will pay its value multiplied by the current active bet. As an extension of this, the Max Win Coin will automatically give you the remaining amount required to reach the maximum win amount.

Next up is a more straightforward recognisable symbol: the Wild Symbol. This will substitute for any of the other symbols made from amber. After this, there is the Red Button Symbol. The explosive effect of this button will trigger a meteor strike to explode and break up symbols along the grid.

From here, make way for the Egg Symbol, which hatches a dinosaur to shoo away any birds from the grid. Then there's the Popcorn Symbol, which can allow birds to cross empty spaces and collect symbols from otherwise unreachable areas. Finally, there is the Transform Symbol, which can turn a cluster of symbols into one color; it will often be the color of the bird that collected the symbol in the first place.

Free Drops Feature

Are you wondering how to activate the free drops feature in Pirots 2? Whenever a bird collects three Bonus Symbols during an active game round, the Free Drops Feature will be activated. During the feature, if you can land three additional Bonus Symbols collected by the birds, you will trigger additional Free Drops onto your tally. Then, eventually, the entire feature will come to an end when the cap has been reached or when no free drops remain in your possession.

Free to Play Mode

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What’s it Like to Play Pirots 2 Online Pokie Machine

Playing Pirots 2 online slot game is like stepping back in time—all the way back to the prehistoric era where dinosaurs reigned supreme! Set above a placid shady lake in the middle of an ancient forest, you'll come face to face with the mighty triceratops who guards the pond from the left-hand side of the screen.

However, there's a dead giveaway that this could all be a façade (perhaps just part of a theme park) due to the fact that there is a roller coaster reel rail moving from one side of the lake to the other.

The reels themselves are set in a floating suspension above the water. The Pirot characters themselves are all dressed up in prehistoric costumes. These include bones in their hair, stone-tipped spears, and Tarzan attire! Above the reels, you will see the Collect R and Treasure Chest Meter that you can use to progress through the game.

While the imagery may be of a hardened and vicious era, the music is soft and relaxing, which sets up a dynamic shift to give this game an interesting edge.

How to Win Pirots 2 Slot

The number of ways you can win Pirots 2 online slot game from Elk depends on the size of the grid you are using. You will begin with a 6x6 grid that can expand up to an 8x8 grid. As the Pirots follow their lines picking up the various types of amber stones and Feature Symbols along the way, they may bring you various types of wins. To see the varying values of the different amber stones when paid out in combination, check out the paytable for Pirots 2.

Red Amber Stones:

1st biggest Symbol – 100.00
2nd biggest Symbol – 20.00
3rd biggest Symbol – 6.00
4th biggest Symbol – 2.00
5th biggest Symbol – 1.20
6th biggest Symbol – 0.50
7th biggest Symbol – 0.20

Purple Amber Stones:

1st biggest Symbol – 40.00
2nd biggest Symbol – 10.00
3rd biggest Symbol – 3.20
4th biggest Symbol – 1.20
5th biggest Symbol – 0.80
6th biggest Symbol – 0.40
7th biggest Symbol – 0.20

Green Amber Stones:

1st biggest Symbol – 30.00
2nd biggest Symbol – 7.50
3rd biggest Symbol – 2.40
4th biggest Symbol – 0.90
5th biggest Symbol – 0.60
6th biggest Symbol – 0.30
7th biggest Symbol – 0.10

Blue Amber Stones:

1st biggest Symbol – 20.00
2nd biggest Symbol – 5.00
3rd biggest Symbol – 1.60
4th biggest Symbol – 0.60
5th biggest Symbol – 0.40
6th biggest Symbol – 0.20
7th biggest Symbol – 0.10

How to Play Pirots 2 Pokie

When it comes to how to play Pirots 2 online pokie game, look in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Here you will find a coin icon you can use to place a bet. After clicking this icon, you will be presented with a blue grid with preset bet amounts ready for you to select. After making your choice, you can head over to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and click the big white Spin Button. This will send the reels spinning and begin the base gameplay of Pirots 2 online slot game from Elk.


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