Piggy Riches MEGAWAYS

Red Tiger

Oink your way into high society with ‘Piggy Riches Megaways’ Online Slot

Get your snout into the elite world of super-rich pigs with ‘Piggy Riches Megaways’ from Red Tiger. With over 117,649 ways to win, you’ll always be in with a chance to bring home the bacon and win great prizes.
This online slot is packed with very expensive special features, like the glittering Bonus Wheel and ultra-massive Mega Wilds.

Extremely Special Features

When it comes to navigating the world of these seriously swanky swine, it helps to know how to use the special features that are on offer. As these pigs would tell you, there’s no quicker way to increase your payout, than being able to instantly multiply it. So, let’s look at the Bonus Wheel and Mega Wilds.

Special Feature Bonus Wheel

To activate the Bonus Wheel, you’ll have to land 3x scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. These are the symbols that have the face of one lovely Lady Pig on them. Once activated, simply spin the wheel to bag yourself up to 22 free spins. On top of this, you’ll also get access to a Win Multiplier that can increase your take by up to 10 times.

Special Feature Mega Wilds

As you can probably imagine, super-rich pigs don’t do anything by halves. That’s why these Mega Wilds don’t just take up a single vacant position, they take up the entire reel! Land up to 3 Mega Wilds and get a Ways Wultiplier that can increase your pay out by up to 7 times. Now that’s something to curl your tail!

Nothing is Free Except Free Play Mode

While you’re living the life of a fancy-pants pig, you’ll soon realize that nothing in their world is free. There is, however, one exception. Simply activate Free Play Mode and you can play heaps of online slots for free.
Use the controls to switch between using real money and coins. What’s even cooler is that with Free Play Mode, you’re not required to register or download anything to your device.

How to Win ‘Piggy Riches Megaways’ Online Slot

There are so many ways to win ‘Piggy Riches Megaways’. In fact, to be exact, there are 117,649 of them. With so many possible combinations let’s look at each symbol and what each of them are worth.

Money Bags:
X6 – 20
X5 – 5
X4 – 2
X3 – 1
X2 – 0.2

Gold Card:
X6 – 5
X5 – 2.5
X4 – 1.2
X3 – 0.7

Car Keys:
X6 – 2
X5 – 1.2
X4 – 0.7
X3 – 0.5

X6 – 1.6
X5 – 1
X4 – 0.6
X3 – 0.4

Piggy Bank:
X6 – 1.2
X5 – 0.8
X4 – 0.5
X3 – 0.3

X6 – 0.8
X5 – 0.6
X4 – 0.4
X3 – 0.2

X6 – 0.7
X5 – 0.5
X4 – 0.3
X3 – 0.2

X6 – 0.6
X5 – 0.4
X4 – 0.3
X3 – 0.2

X6 – 0.5
X5 – 0.3
X4 – 0.2
X3 – 0.1

X6 – 0.4
X5 – 0.3
X4 – 0.2
X3 – 0.1

How to Play ‘Piggy Riches Megaways’ Online Slot’

Spread across 6 reels, you’ll find this online slot to be very stimulating to play. First, you’ll want to set your bet amount using the minimalist styled controls.
Click on the Stake Button to select your bet amount. Here you’ll find the max bet to be 100.00. Once you’ve selected a bet amount which you are happy with, go ahead and hit spin. Wins are awarded when matching symbols land left to right.

What’s it Like to Play ‘Piggy Riches Megaways’?

Live a life of luxury as you make your way up the steps of Lady Pig’s mansion. Hear the expensive jazz band playing in the back garden as Champagne corks are popping intermittently around you. The slot’s muted color pallet hints at the type of sophistication that can only be achieved by the very richest of pigs.

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