Money Train 3


Book Your Ticket on the Money Train with ‘Money Train 3’ Slot

Hop aboard the money train with ‘Money Train 3’ slot from Relax. Throughout its dark cabins and carriages, you'll run into a wild cast of characters; all of whom have their eyes on the prize! It doesn't matter where this express train is heading because everybody onboard is there for one reason, and one reason only – money! You could potentially walk away with 10,000X your bet amount, so this is definitely a train worth buying a first-class ticket for! As you make your way through the carriages, keep an eye out for the Re-spins Feature and the Money Cart Bonus Round.

Special Features

Navigating an array of wild-hearted characters such as this lot, is no mean feat! Luckily, the special features in ‘Money Train 3’ can help you take care of business! Knowing that, let's look in closer detail at the Re-spin Feature and the Money Cart Bonus Round in order to highlight how you can use them to maximize your overall take.

Re-spin Feature

The Re-spin Feature in ‘Money Train 3’ randomly comes to life after any spin that doesn't result in a win. The re-spins will take place with one of the already-present symbols sticking in place, leaving all other symbols to spin around it. This will continue over and over until no new symbols appear on the reels. Meaning, every time a new symbol lands on the reels, an additional re-spin will be awarded. During the round, be sure to stay on the lookout for Multiplier Symbols, which you can add together and receive as part of your final win amount.

Money Cart Bonus Round

To activate the Money Cart Bonus Round in ‘Money Train 3’, look to land three or more Bonus Symbols across the five reels. These look like golden symbols with the word ‘Bonus’ written on them. As the round begins, your three Bonus Symbols will reveal a multiplier amount and will simultaneously dish up three free spins. As you use these spins, if you manage to fill a reel with symbols, a new reel will appear for you to use. This can happen twice within the feature. The bonus symbols can also hold a value between 1x and 10x.

Free to Play Mode

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What's it Like to Play ‘Money Train 3’ Pokie?

If you already know about ‘Money Train’ and ‘Money Train 2’, you'll know you're in for the ride of a lifetime with the bold and brutal follow up, ‘Money Train 3’. Set on a dark, space- aged train, the reels host a cast of dangerous and curious looking characters! Surrounded by a host of industrial-era inspired graphics, this slot does a great job of pulling you into the crazy fast-paced world in which it lives and breathes. The soundtrack matches the dark and brooding atmosphere perfectly; keeping you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next on this chaotic adventure! If you like fast trains and even faster characters, this is the online betting experience for you!

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How to Win Money Train 3 Slot

In the same way lots of other online slots NZ work, winning ‘Money Train 3’ is all about landing matching combinations of game symbols across the 40 active paylines. Remember, you can always try to increase your overall winnings by making good use of the special features within ‘Money Train 3’. With that in mind, let's look at how much each game symbol can bag you!Red Character:

5 – 20.00

4 – 4.00

3 – 0.80

Gold Character:

5 – 10.00

4 – 3.00

3 – 0.60

Green Character:

5 – 9.00

4 – 2.50

3 – 0.50

Blue Character:

5 – 8.00

4 – 2.00

3 – 0.50

Spade Symbol:

5 – 5.00

4 – 1.00

3 – 0.20

Heart Symbol:

5 – 4.00

4 – 1.00

3 – 0.20

Club Symbol:

5 – 3.50

4 – 0.70

3 – 0.20

Diamond Symbol:

5 – 3.00

4 – 0.70

3 – 0.20

Wild Symbol:

5 – 20.00

4 – 4.00

3 – 0.80

How to Play Money Train 3 Slot

With such amazing graphics, you'd be forgiven for wanting to dive straight into playing ‘Money Train 3’. However, before you can start spinning the reels, you'll need to place a bet. To do this, simply click on the coin icon located at the top of the game controls. This will open a window where you can use a set of plus and minus symbols to adjust your bet amount. After making your selection, you're all ready to go and can set the train in motion and help it leave the station by hitting the Spin Button. Catch the Money Train 3 for a wild ride today!
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