Lost Relics 2


Expose Ancient Secrets in Lost Relics 2 Online Slot

Dive into the wild adventures of a real-life explorer with the incredible Lost Relics 2 online slot from NetEnt. Navigate your way through an ancient tomb in search of prizes that have been hidden for a long, long time! The faces that line the game reels are not the only thing standing between you and lost prizes! There's always something around the corner waiting to surprise you. Be sure to rely on the Hidden Chest feature and the Free Spins feature to get you closer to your goal. Every good adventurer needs tools, and these two special features are just what you’ll require to get the job done!

Special Features

Life as an explorer can be filled with trials and tribulations. Luckily, the special features within Lost Relics 2 can lighten the load and potentially increase your overall take. Let's check out how both the Hidden Chest feature and the Free Spins feature can help you on your quest for glory.

Hidden Chest Feature

There are three different chests that you can reveal in the Hidden Chest feature of Lost Relics 2 online pokie. These are the Silver Chest, the Golden Chest, and the Amethyst Chest. Which one you receive is random, but essentially, a win in the base game play will reveal whatever sits behind the tiles. If you happen to reveal a full chest, you will receive the relevant spoils. These could come in the form of:
Multipliers of either 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, or 7x.
Random Wilds that can become Sticky Wild symbols during the Free Spins feature.
Instant cash prizes in the realm of 2x, 3x, 5x, 8x, 10x, 20x, 25x, 30x, 50x, 60x, 75x, 90x, or 250x.
And other potential outcomes that include instant access to the Free Spins feature or a Level Up Prize!

Free Spins Feature

If you don't manage to access the Free Spins feature via the Hidden Chest feature, there is another way around it. Essentially, all you need to do is land three Scatter symbols on the reels and you'll activate it. To begin the Free Spins feature, you'll start off with 10 free spins. However, you can add to this number via the chests. The random amount of extra free spins available from each different chest could be 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.

Free to Play Mode

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What's it Like to Play Lost Relics 2 Online Slot Game?

Have you got a secret dream of being an explorer who goes in search of lost treasures around the world? If so, you're in the right place. Playing Lost Relics 2 is almost like the real deal. Set in the depths of an ancient tomb, you'll travel by the light of a flickering torch as you make your way closer to your potential prize—the lost relics! The six game reels are carved into stone and each position is marked with a masked character which gives the game, for the lack of a better word, character! Driving this action packed pokie is a tense and rhythmic soundtrack that helps keep the suspense high and your heart rate even higher!


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Lost and Found

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How to Win Lost Relics 2 Slot Game

Lost Relics 2 online slot machine awards wins for clusters of symbols rather than paylines or win ways that are fixed. If you can form a cluster of five or more symbols—all touching horizontally or vertically—you'll receive the corresponding payout. Just like slot games that work with traditional win ways, the value of the game symbols determines the value of the payout. Speaking of symbols, here's a look at the numbers and how they all shake out in different combination values.

Gold Mask Symbol:

20+ - 100.00
18+ - 50.00
15+ - 24.00
12+ - 12.00
9+ - 6.00
7+ - 3.00
5+ - 1.60

Red Mask Symbol:

20+ - 80.00
18+ - 40.00
15+ - 20.00
12+ - 10.00
9+ - 5.00
7+ - 2.40
5+ - 1.20

Green Mask Symbol:

20+ - 50.00
18+ - 24.00
15+ - 12.00
12+ - 6.00
9+ - 3.00
7+ - 1.60
5+ - 0.80

Blue Mask Symbol:

20+ - 40.00
18+ - 20.00
15+ - 10.00
12+ - 5.00
9+ - 2.40
7+ - 1.20
5+ - 0.60

Spades Symbol:

20+ - 30.00
18+ - 16.00
15+ - 8.00
12+ - 4.00
9+ - 2.00
7+ - 1.00
5+ - 0.40

Heart Symbol:

20+ - 24.00
18+ - 12.00
15+ - 6.00
12+ - 3.00
9+ - 1.60
7+ - 0.80
5+ - 0.40

Diamond Symbol:

20+ - 20.00
18+ - 10.00
15+ - 5.00
12+ - 2.40
9+ - 1.20
7+ - 0.60
5+ - 0.20

Clubs Symbol:

20+ - 16.00
18+ - 8.00
15+ - 4.00
12+ - 1.60
9+ - 0.80
7+ - 0.40
5+ - 0.20

How to Play Lost Relics 2 Online Slot Machine

The first thing you need to do to begin playing Lost Relics 2 is place a bet. You can select your bet by adjusting the plus and minus symbols until the displayed bet amount matches what you have in mind. Now that's all set, you're good to go! One last thing you must do—hit the Spin Button!
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