Jackpot 6000


Travel Back in Time with ‘Jackpot 6000’ Online Slot

Take it back to the old school with ‘Jackpot 6000’ online pokie from NetEnt. Sometimes simple is best, and this classic slot is a great example of this being one hundred percent true! So, wind back the clocks, pull up a seat at this virtual casino and check out where it all began with a good old fashioned three reel, five payline slot. Just remember, it may be old but that doesn’t mean it’s short on special features. Knowing this, keep an eye out for the Super Meter Mode and the Heads or Tails Feature.

Special Features

Taking away the luxury of video graphics and modern features, you could find yourself having to use your imagination! Never fear, the special features in ‘Jackpot 6000’ can assist you and make sure you maximise your potential payout. Let's delve a little deeper into how the Super Meter Mode and Heads or Tails Feature can work in your favour.

Super Meter Mode

The Super Meter Mode in ‘Jackpot 6000’ online slot is an optional feature you can activate after a win in any of the game rounds (excluding wins that feature the Joker Symbol). This is because the whole purpose of the feature is to set you up to capitalise on any two visible Joker Symbols on the screen, alongside any three regular symbols landing on a bet line. These include all the classics, like the Star Symbol, the Bell Symbol, the Grape Symbol, the Lemon Symbol, and of course the Cherry Symbol. The other cool thing about Super Meter Mode is that it increases from 10 to 20 - that's double! Also, keep in mind that as soon as you reach 6000 coins in Super Meter Mode, the feature ends and you will return to the base game with your allocated winnings.

Heads or Tails Feature

In ‘Jackpot 6000’ online slot, your prizes are automatically bet for you, falling on either heads or tails. You can bet the entire amount in one go by clicking either the Heads Button or the Tails Button. Alternatively, you can click the transfer button to move 20 coins per click out of the bet allowing you to gamble the remainder. However, if you would rather skip the Heads or Tails Feature, you can simply move all won coins to your credit, and in doing so, return to regular gameplay. Once you go past 3000 coins, the feature will draw to a close.

Free to Play Mode

The Free to Play Mode in LeoVegas online casino NZ allows you to gain access to all your favourite top casino games without charge. You did read that correctly, free slot games! While playing without paying is great for discovering new online pokies, if you ever want to switch back to betting real money, it’s super-easy to revert with just a few clicks in the settings tab. Also, another cool feature of free play is that you won’t need to register or download anything to get access to it.

What's it Like to Play ‘Jackpot 6000’ Online Pokie

To sum up what it's like to play ‘Jackpot 6000’ online slot, you'd have to say the keyword is simplicity. This online slot takes you back to simpler times when symbols were easy to use, and slots were only three reels wide and had minimal paylines. ‘Jackpot 6000’ is set on a casino floor and it's housed in a retro shaped slot machine. Also, you'll notice that there is no soundtrack competing for your attention. The only sounds that break the silence are those of the surrounding machines spinning and coming to a halt as the resting symbols appear on the screen. You'll recognize all the well-loved traditional symbols, which include Grape Symbols, Lemon Symbols, and Cherry Symbols. If you're the type that likes to keep things short, sharp, and to the point - why not give ‘Jackpot 6000’ a go!

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How to Win Jackpot 6000 Online Slot

The great thing about winning ‘Jackpot 6000’ online slot is that it's super easy to understand. All you need to do is land three matching symbols across one of the nine active win ways. Keep in mind, if you land three of one type, it could be worth more or less than three of another type. To get more detail around how this works, here's a glimpse at the pay table in ‘Jackpot 6000 online pokie machine.

Star Symbol:

3 – 100.00

Bell Symbol:

3 – 80.00

Grape Symbol:

3 – 60.00

Lemon Symbol:

3 – 20.00

Cherry Symbol:

3 – 20.00

How to Play Jackpot 6000 Online Slot

Are you looking to play ‘Jackpot 6000’ online pokie but you’re not sure how to go about it? Well, you're in luck as it's not very complicated! Cast your eye down to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Down here you will find a row of Gold Coins. Each one of these holds a different coin value, starting at 0.1 and moving through 0.2, 0.5, all the way up to 1. You can see how these coin values translate into a bet using the window underneath the reels. Once you feel content with your chosen bet amount, all you need to do is start the slot by clicking the Spin Button.