Golden Yak

Lightning Box

Explore Ancient Asia with ‘Golden Yak’ Slot

Traverse the purple hills of Mongolia with ‘Golden Yak’ slot from Lightning Box. Set smack-bang in the middle of some historically treacherous times, be sure to keep your wits about you as you take on this volatile betting experience. However, embracing the challenge could be well worth it when there are prizes like 3,600x up for grabs. To maximize your winnings, be sure to make the most of the Free Spins Feature and the Level Up Yak Multipliers.

Special Features

Traveling through a landscape such as this one, you'll need more than just a strong yak to get you through. Luckily, you'll also have the help of two really cool special features, both of which are just waiting for you to utilize them. Let's break down and take a closer look at the Free Spins Feature and the Level Up Yak Multipliers.

Free Spins Feature

To activate the Free Spins Feature, you'll need to land at least 1 Scatter Symbol. These are also known as Temple Symbols. When the feature begins, you'll start off with 7 free spins. As the round progresses, if you manage to get a Golden Yak Symbol on reels 2 and 4 at the same time, a 4x multiplier will come your way.

Level Up Yak Multipliers

It may not be easy to trigger the Level Up Yak Multipliers, but boy is it worth it! To activate these potent characters, you'll need to simultaneously land 2 Scatter Symbols during the Free Spin Round. This will take you up a level to where the multipliers are higher than before. Altogether there are 6 levels, the highest of which can generate multipliers of up to 100x!

Free to Play Mode

Did you know that you can now play online slots and pokies for free on LeoVegas New Zealand? Simply use the game settings to switch from betting with real money to betting with game coins. Also, you won't need to register or download anything to your phone or device.

What's it Like to Play Golden Yak Slot

This is a slow and steady game with a solid foundation - just like a yak itself. Set amongst some beautiful scenery, the purple mountains provide a thoroughly enjoyable backdrop to what is and enjoyable gaming experience. The controls are simple and easy to use which allow you to concentrate all your efforts on the job at hand—winning! If you start to lose your focus, don’t worry, the Zen soundtrack should be able to help you concentrate long enough to bring home the prize!

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Go Yaks!

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How to Win Golden Yak Slot

After making good use of the special features, winning ‘Golden Yak’ boils down to landing matching combinations of symbols across it’s 5 reels. Let's take a good look at how much each symbol is worth in various combinations over 2x.

Level Up Symbol:

4 – 400

3 – 200

2 – 50

Blue Temple Symbol:

4 – 400

3 – 200

2 – 50

Warrior Symbol:

5 – 300

4 – 200

3 – 150

2 – 50

Horse and Moose Symbols:

5 – 200

4 – 120

3 – 80

2 – 20

Cougar and Eagle Symbols:

5 – 150

4 – 100

3 – 50

Ace and King Symbols:

5 – 125

4 – 60

3 – 30

Queen and Jack Symbols:

5 – 100

4 – 50

3 – 20

Ten and Nine Symbols:

5 – 100

4 – 40

3 – 10

How to Play Golden Yak Slot

To start playing ‘Golden Yak’ slot, you'll first need to place a bet. At the bottom of your screen, on the right-hand side, you'll see a set of plus and minus symbols. You can use these to either increase or decrease your bet amount. The maximum bet is 50.00 and the minimum bet is 0.40. Once you're happy with your chosen selection, go ahead and hit the Spin Button. Also, you can use the enter key or spacebar to stop and restart the reels at any point.
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