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Turn Out the Lights with Darkness Online Slot

Light a torch and leap into the blacked-out world of the highly inventive Darkness online slot from Print Studios. Be struck by the barely visible reels that sit on a barely visible background, as you take on this intriguing and creative online pokie game! The only lights on the reels come from a single bulb which illuminates your way up the stairs. To get back into the light of day with uber-dark prizes in the kitty, try to maximize your time using this spooky slot’s SuperSpinners and Giant Symbol features.

Special Features

In the absence of light, who knows where you could end up? The way back could easily take you somewhere you don’t want to go! Luckily, when it comes to finding your way in the Darkness online pokie machine, the SuperSpinners and Giant Symbol features can help. Let’s shine a light on everything you need to know about these bonus rounds.


As you play the Darkness online slot game, keep an eye out for the SuperSpinners. There are 14 in total that sit on the game reels. If you get a win line that crosses over a SuperSpinner and that SuperSpinner is sitting to the left of a winning number, you'll receive a multiplier which will affect your potential payout. Keep in mind that multiple SuperSpinners can affect a win line independently, and in such cases, they will multiply the win one by one.

Giant Symbol Feature

You may have seen the concept of Giant Symbols in other online pokies you've played. They are a great way to mix things up and increase your potential of landing a winning combination thanks to their large size. When it comes to the Giant Symbol feature in the Darkness slot, you can land symbols that sit between 3x2 and 5x4 in size. The brilliant part about this is that any position covered by these symbols will be counted as instances of that particular symbol, giving regular symbols that fall along the adjacent reels a higher chance of forming a match and winning line!

Free to Play Mode

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What's it Like to Play Darkness Online Pokie?

The first thing you'll notice after opening the Darkness online slot machine, is the fact that they weren't joking about the title! It really is dark. In fact, it's barely visible. Luckily, you get the opportunity to increase or decrease the contrast levels before the game begins. What stands out as the game gets underway is the sparse nature of what appears on the game reels. After one spin you could potentially only have one symbol stick on the reels! With such a minimal amount of activity occurring visually, the audio stands out much more than in a regular online pokie machine. This one is full of long-drawn-out notes that form a tense and treacherous soundtrack!

How to Win Darkness Online Pokie Game

It's hard to see what's going on in Darkness online pokie machine, but at least you can see how many ways to win there are! The answer is a sweet 26 paylines. To generate a win, look to land a matching combination of game symbols across one of the active win ways. Then, to see how much you could potentially win from doing so, turn up the brightness and check the paytable in the Darkness slot.

Time to take those blinders off and see what matching 5, 4, 3, and 2 symbols, respectively, awards.

Wild Symbol: 5 gets you x50.00
Agatha: x25.00, x10.00, x5.00
Isadora: x10.00, x4.00, x2.00
Chalice: x6.00, x2.00, x1.00
Dagger: x5.00, x1.50, x0.70
Vial: x4.00, x1.00, x0.60
Eldwitch Wiccan Twigs: x2.00, x0.80, x0.40
Noble Wiccan Twigs: x1.50, x0.70, x0.40
Vibrant Wiccan Twigs: x1.20, x0.50, x0.20
High Wiccan Twigs: x1.00, x0.40, x0.20

How to Play Darkness Pokie

Not that you'll be able to see it at first glance but sitting above the Spin Button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, is a betting window. To start playing the Darkness online pokie game, you'll need to use this widget to place a bet. The right-facing arrow will take your bet higher, whereas the left-facing arrow will lower it with each click. Place your bet, then hit the Spin Button to start the base game play of Darkness online pokie machine via Print Studios.

Print Studios

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