Dam Beavers


Chew Your Way to Prizes with Dam Beavers Online Slot

Sharpen your two front teeth before you take on the fruit and floorboards of Dam Beavers online slot machine from Elk. Packed with both a base game mode and a bonus mode, this online pokie game offers up heaps of different ways to win! Each beaver has a specific type of fruit it follows around the grid. When a beaver and its fruit get close, the beaver will chew up as many as he can in a row, creating a gap in symbols, allowing room for other symbols to fall into from above. Based on these drops, you'll want to maximize the various feature symbols that underpin the workings of this online betting experience.

Special Features

When it comes to Dam Beavers online pokie machine there are a variety of feature symbols you'll need to be aware of before you begin base game play. Each symbol creates a different outcome and takes the game in an entirely different direction. Let's take a good look at each symbol and how it affects the game.

Feature Symbols

Here are the key feature symbols of the game to keep an eye out for!

Fireworks symbol: upgrades the beaver’s paying symbols to the next level.
TNT symbol: once collected, it explodes, generating new ways for the beavers to move around underneath the floorboards.
Blender symbol: fills the Feature Metre, even overcharging it at times.
Feature Meter: fills up with each symbol collected by a beaver. Once filled, one of three bonus features gets activated.
Refresh Function: replaces all symbols currently on the grid.
Symbol Swap: swaps two symbol types.
Wild Scatter: replaces any number of paying symbols with Wilds.
Wild symbol: can substitute for any fruit symbol.
Coin symbol: appears mainly underneath the floorboard and can only be collected once it’s fully revealed.
Passage symbol: this unique symbol tunnels under the floorboards and allows the beavers to switch places and take on different positions.
Max Win: your ultimate goal.

Free to Play Mode

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What's it Like to Play Dam Beavers Slot?

Dam Beavers online pokie game is full of cheeky and charming chompers! These are the beaver characters that facilitate most of the gameplay within this grid-based slot game. The grid takes place across floorboards, which of course are made of wood, a beaver’s favourite food. This means that once they follow the fruit they can also cut through the floorboards with their big front teeth. The colours and atmosphere of this game are fun and fruity, not to mention all the fruit symbols that correlate to each beaver. Backing up the visual experience is an energetic and catchy soundtrack played on banjo and other backwater-styled instruments.

How to Win Dam Beavers Pokie

Each of the beaver characters within Dam Beavers online slot machine have a type of fruit allocated to them. When the drop occurs, if one of these beavers is next to the type of fruit it collects, it will travel through the line and generate a hole that other symbols can fall into. This will also correlate to the type of cards that are played in the top right-hand corner of the screen. As these actions play out, the overall effect will generate a total amount of payout.

There are a lot of factors that can determine how much you could win. Knowing this, it pays to have a look at the paytable before you begin the base game play of Dam Beavers online slot game from Elk.

Strawberry Symbol:


Two Strawberries Symbol:


Three Strawberries Symbol:


Four Strawberries Symbol:


Silver Bowl Strawberry Symbol:


Golden Bowl Strawberry Symbol:


Diamond Strawberry Symbol:


Diamond and Strawberry Symbol:


One Apricot Symbol:


Two Apricots Symbol:


Three Apricots Symbol:


Four Apricots Symbol:


Silver Bowl Apricots Symbol:


Gold Bowl Apricot Symbol:


Diamond Apricot Symbol:


Diamond and Apricot Symbol:


One Green Fruit Symbol:


Two Green Fruit Symbol:


Three Green Fruit Symbol:


Four Green Fruit Symbol:


Silver Bowl Green Fruit Symbol:


Gold Bowl Green Fruit Symbol:


Diamond Green Fruit Symbol:


Diamond and Green Fruit Symbol:


One Blueberry Symbol:


Two Blueberries Symbol:


Three Blueberries Symbol:


Four Blueberries Symbol:


Silver Bowl Blueberries Symbol:

Gold Bowl Blueberries Symbol:


Diamond Blueberry Symbol:


Diamond and Blueberry Symbol:


How to Play Dam Beavers Online Slot Game

To start playing Dam Beavers online pokie game, you'll need to place a bet. You can do this via the Coin icon located in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. By clicking this icon, you will be presented with a series of preset bet amounts from which you can select. Choose your total bet and then hit the Spin Button to begin the base gameplay of Dam Beavers online pokie game.

Elk Studios

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