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Discover Scratch Cards for the Digital Era with ‘Bully4U’

Scratch your way to the big time with ‘Bully4U’ scratch card game from Realistic Games. Filled with classic fruity symbols, this is one online betting experience that will keep you entertained for hours. Set across 4 separate scratch lines, this game takes everything there is to love about scratchies, and packages it perfectly for the digital era. Keep an eye out for the Target Symbol, as it can act as both a wild and a multiplier.

Special Features

By their very nature, scratch cards are tough to predict. Will you get all 3 symbols? Perhaps just 2 or maybe even 0? Who knows? Therefore, players need a helping hand and a little incentive to keep playing. In the case of ‘Bully4U’ the Target Symbol does this job very well. So, let's zoom in and take a closer look at what this symbol does and how it works.

Target Symbol

The Target Symbol in ‘Bully4U’ acts as a Wild Symbol and a multiplier. It has the ability to play the role of any symbol in the game. Which is very helpful if you find yourself with 2 matching symbols. In this situation the Target Symbol can take the place of the missing 3rd symbol and generate a complete line. It also acts as a multiplier, by increasing any win in which it's involved by 4x. Not a bad wee kicker there!

Free to Play Mode

Did you know that you can now play ‘Bully4U’ and loads of other online pokies on LeoVegas New Zealand for free? How cool is that? It means you can experience and learn about a game before committing any real money. And it also means that if you just feel like playing for fun, you can do that too. All you need to do, to start playing for free, is adjust the settings within your chosen online pokie. Here, you will be able to switch between betting with real money and game coins. It's super simple to do and you won't be asked to register or download anything to your phone or device.

What's it Like to Play ‘Bully 4U’ Scratch Card Game?

Playing the colorful and vibrant ‘Bully4U’ scratch card game is all about waiting for the big reveal. Whether you like to unveil each row one at a time and savor the experience; or if you like to see all 4 tabs drop at the same time, this game has you covered. Set on top of an archery board with giant red arrows crashing into it, you could say this game likes to take a chance or two. There definitely is a sense of excitement about it and it gives you a real thrill each time you set it in motion. Just remember to brace yourself for when the sound of a flying arrow breaks the silence and give you a fright!

Realistic Games Online Slots

If you don't manage to strike it lucky on ‘Bully4U’, why not ask the cats in ‘Super Graphics Lucky Cats’ for some advice. On the other hand, if you do strike it lucky, why not celebrate with some ‘Fun Size Fireworks’ from Realistic Games.

Scratch Card Games in the Digital Era

Did you know there are lots of scratches available to play on LeoVegas? ‘Bully4U’ is just one of many amazing scratch-based games that are waiting for you to try. Why not check out some of the others like ‘Scratch Gold’ by Hacksaw Gaming or ‘Avalon Scratch’ by MicroGaming.

How to Win Bully 4U Scratch Card Game

To win this extra fruity classic, you'll need to land 3 matching symbols within a single tab. The amount you win will be determined by the value of the successful matching symbols. Keep in mind, you can use the Target Symbol to replace a missing 3rd symbol. For example, if you landed 2 Watermelon Symbols and Target Symbol, the Target Symbol would act as another Watermelon Symbol, and you would therefore get the win. Also, another thing to remember is that each winning set of matching symbols comes with its own unique multiplier amount. So, with that in mind, let's go through how much each symbol can increase your bet amount.

3x Seven Symbol = 100x

3x Bar Symbol = 20x

3x Watermelon Symbol = 10x

3x Bell Symbol = 5x

3x Grape Symbol = 2x

3x Plum Symbol = 1x

How to Play Bully 4U Scratch Card Game

The first thing you need to do is purchase a game card and place a bet. At the bottom of the screen, you will find a bet tab. Click on this to view a selection of preset bet amounts to choose from. Once you have chosen, you're now ready to begin playing. Either hit the big button to reveal all tabs at once or click the tabs individually to see the results appear one by one.
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