10,001 Nights

Red Tiger

10,001 Nights is a beautifully crafted slot online from Red Tiger, evoking a mystical Arabian palace full of wonder.

Look out for: As far as pokies online go, 10,001 Nights is a visual feast, with reels dripping in gold and luxuries, as all the action happens under the watchful eye of the Sultan. Collect special oil lamp symbols to unlock four modifiers to boost your wins, and land the Destiny Spins symbol for a shot at free spins.

Game facts: 10,001 Nights is played on a 5-reel set-up and with 20 paylines, and a theoretical max win worth 10,001x the stake placed. Visit LeoVegas online casino New Zealand to challenge the Sultan today!

Heed the Call of the Night with ‘10,001 Nights’ Slot

Saunter your way into the delights of the far-east with ‘10,001 Nights’ online slot by Red Tiger. From dazzling jewels to fierce tigers, all the exotic rarities are on full display in this thrilling online betting experience. The game is set under a purple sky somewhere between dusk and dawn, but don’t worry, you'll have all the light you need thanks to the four lamps that sit above the reels. With these plus the twenty ways to win, you’ll be set up for a productive trip to India. On your journey, look to raise your prize-winning potential with a little help from the Destiny Spins Feature and the Magical Feature Lamps.

Special Features

The colourful and wild style you'll get from ‘10,001 Nights’ can be a lot to take in. The good thing is, you'll always have the special features to help you increase your win total. Use the Destiny Free Spins Feature and the Feature Lamps to your advantage and set about harnessing their powers to increase your chances of taking home a little more than just a souvenir.

Feature Lamps

When you look above the game reels in ‘10,001 Nights’, you'll see four different lamps. These get activated and filled with oil as you land Oil Lamp Symbols on the reels. This progresses in stages, with the first stage requiring six Oil Lamp Symbols to unlock the Imperial Spin Feature. This is great because it gets rid of all the low-paying symbols and makes way for high-paying symbols to take their place. Next up is the Random Wilds Feature. This takes another seven Oil Lamp Symbols to activate and adds a random number of Wild Symbols onto the reels. If you manage to land an additional eight Oil Lamp Symbols, you'll get into the Multi Pick Feature. This requires you to select one of three cards to collect a multiplier. Finally, you'll reach the Mega Wilds Feature after landing a further nine Oil Lamp Symbols. This will drop a 1X4 Mega Wild symbol into the action.

Destiny Spins Feature

If you're wondering what it takes to activate the Destiny Spins Feature in ‘10,001 Nights’, the answer is a simple one. Simply land three Destiny Spin Symbols across the reels and it will trigger automatically. Initially, you will be given eight free spins to work with, providing you land the three required symbols. However, if you land four symbols, the number of free spins allocated will increase to ten. It will increase further if you land five Destiny Spin Symbols – taking you all the way up to twelve bonus spins. If you run out of free spins, you can always get more by landing additional Destiny Spin Symbols on the reels. Three extra symbols will get you six additional spins, four bags you seven more, and five gets you an additional eight free spins.

Free to Play Mode

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but there’s definitely such a thing as free slots. Because with Free to Play Mode activated in the game settings of the LeoVegas online casino NZ you can play top casino games, online pokies, and jackpot games for free. It’s easy to switch back into betting and winning real money, should you choose to do so, plus you won’t need to commit anything in return for access to loads of the best online pokie machines. Anyone eligible can access the free slots.

What's it Like to Play ‘10,001 Nights’ Online Slot?

With shisha smoke floating into the starry eastern sky, you'll find yourself transported into a new world with ‘10,001 Nights’ online slot. Framed by exotic woven fabrics, this game has a real sense of wealth and power. Ornate shoes, Ruby encrusted hats, and emerald-eyed tigers lift the ton of this 5-reel slot into a place of regality. To the left, you'll see the Hourly Jackpot and Super Jackpot that gets won by a lucky player once every hour. Accompanying the strong visuals, this online slot machine has an atmospheric soundtrack which lifts the vibe to a new enchanted level.

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How to Win 10,001 Nights Online Slots

There are twenty-one ways to win on ‘10,001 Nights’ online slot. Compared to other megaways slots, this may seem like a small number. However, these twenty ways make it a more straightforward betting experience - without too many extra features to consider. To win, you'll need to land a matching combination of game symbols across one of the established twenty paylines. Of course, it will need to start from the leftmost reel and move right along adjacent reels. Given the nature of slot games, you’ll be aware that game symbols vary in value, which is reflected in your potential payout, so here's a peek at the paytable in ‘10,001 Nights’ online slot machine.

Man Symbol:

5 – 800.00

4 – 120.00

3 – 60.00

2 – 6.00

Tiger Symbol:

5 – 160.00

4 – 60.00

3 – 26.00

Camel Symbol:

5 – 120.00

4 – 50.00

3 – 22.00

Lamp Symbol:

5 – 80.00

4 – 40.00

3 – 18.00

Shoe Symbol:

5 – 60.00

4 – 30.00

3 – 14.00

Spades Symbol:

5 – 50.00

4 – 24.00

3 – 12.00

Hearts Symbol:

5 – 40.00

4 – 20.00

3 – 10.00

Diamonds Symbol:

5 – 30.00

4 – 16.00

3 – 8.00

Clubs Symbol:

5 – 20.00

4 – 12.00

3 – 6.00

How to Play 10,001 Nights Online Slot

Either side of the stake window, you'll see a plus and minus symbol. Adjusting these is the key to placing your desired bet. This is because you can use them to either increase or decrease your total bet amount. If you would like to raise your bet, click the upward facing arrow. However, if you’d like to lower your bet, click the downwards facing arrow. After landing on the correct bet amount for you, you'll be all set to go. All that’s left to deal with is the Spin Button. You’ll find this all-important button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, click it, and watch the magic of the night roll through the spinning reels.
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