Cricket Betting Tips: How To Place Effective Cricket Bets

Cricket Betting Tips: How To Make Profitable Cricket Bets | LeoVegas

Cricket is no doubt one of the most popular games played on a global scale, meaning when done correctly, you have the chance of making extremely profitable cricket bets.

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Cricket itself can be played in three different ways, all evolving from its traditional form called Test Cricket. With such a variety of ways to play the game comes even more fans - and even more ways to bet.

The three variations of cricket which you can bet on are:

Test Cricket

The original form of cricket, Test Cricket, is considered to be the most challenging form. Test Cricket matches typically last up to five days in order to complete a four-innings match.

One Day International Cricket

Next up is One Day International Cricket, which is usually played in a day with fifty overs for either team. The Cricket World Cup is played in the form of One Day Cricket - making it a popular event to bet on every four years.

T20 Cricket

More excitingly, the last variant is Twenty20 Cricket (T20) that has added a modern twist to the traditional sport. The famous Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional T20 cricket league in India which celebrates T20 Cricket. In such a variation, teams are only allowed to have a single inning each.

All three types of cricket come with their own games, championships and skilled players; making it a very exciting sport to bet on. If you are looking to make profitable cricket bets, read on to discover our free cricket betting tips which delve into how to understand betting odds, what to look out for when placing a bet, and a whole lot more!

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Understanding Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket betting odds relate to the probability or likelihood that a certain outcome will occur. If you don’t understand the odds, then it’s unlikely that you’ll make a profit on the bets you place.

Betting odds typically come in two different formats; fractions and decimals. Fractions are popular in the UK and Ireland, whereas decimals are far more common in Asian countries. The majority of betting sites will have converters, so it’s entirely up to you to decide what format you prefer.

How To Calculate Betting Odds

Let’s use an example.

In a One Day International (ODI) between New Zealand and India, India was given odds of 1.25 to win. These odds represent a reflection of the bookmaker's evaluation of New Zealand coming out victorious.

To work out your potential winnings based on the given odds, the following calculation needs to be done:

Winnings = (odds * stake) - stake

So - let’s say that you put ₹1,000 rupees on India to win with the odds of 1.25.

(1.25 * ₹1,000) - ₹1,000 = ₹250 winnings

This same calculation can be used with any decimal odd given. Here are some more examples:

  • Odds of 4.0: (4.0 * ₹1,000) - ₹1,000 = ₹3,000 winnings
  • Odds of 3.5: (3.5 * ₹1,000) - ₹1,000 = ₹2,500 winnings
  • Odds of 9.0: (9.0 * ₹1,000) - ₹1,000 = ₹8,000 winnings

The same calculation applies with different stakes, too. Whether you fancy betting larger amounts of rupees or want to play it safe with smaller amounts, this calculation will continue to show the return you might make.

Here’s some examples of different stakes, when the odds are 8.0:

    1. ₹10,000 stake: (8.0 * ₹10,000) - ₹10,000 = ₹70,000 winnings
    1. ₹30,000 stake: (8.0 * ₹30,000) - ₹30,000 = ₹210,000 winnings
    1. ₹500 stake: (8.0 * ₹500) - ₹500 = ₹3,500 winnings

Although confusing at first, odds are incredibly simple to understand once you’ve had a bit of practice. The more you understand about odds, the greater your chances of making profitable cricket bets.

Expert Cricket Betting Tips

In order to get the most out of your bet, it’s important to understand where the most profitable opportunities lie. The trick is to bet tactfully, and with the following cricket betting tips on hand to help you out, your chances of making a return will be far greater.

Before you know it, you’ll be able to look at betting tips and know exactly what to put your money on!

Analyse Rankings and Ratings

For every form of cricket, it is recommended to use two essential bits of information to help make the best betting decisions - ranking charts and player/team statistics.

What Are Cricket Rankings and Ratings?

All cricket teams are given a rating based on their total number of points and games played. From here, the teams are then ranked in correlation to their rating. Looking at these ratings and rankings should give you a pretty clear indication as to whether the team will help you to make a betting profit.

How Reliable Are Cricket Rankings When Betting?

Although easy to follow, it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t solely rely on rankings to make a betting decision. There are many factors which can influence points and rankings, and these influences will not be clear when looking at the ranking board. What we’re trying to say here is that winnings are sometimes unpredictable due to off-field issues.

Let’s put it into perspective: cricket teams typically average a period of three to four years before meeting each of the teams both home and away. One match could change everything, depending on a whole variety of factors. For this reason, it’s very important to estimate your judgments over one complete cycle.

Team rankings can also be deceptive due to the change in conditions that touring cricket teams face. For example, Indian teams may struggle to acclimatise to the bounce of the pitches in Australia. This will affect their performance, and as a result, may even affect their points.

It is also worth noting if any big matches are coming up - if so, rankings may be slightly more unreliable. If a team has a particular star player that needs to rest before the big games, they won’t be in play beforehand. Without their skill, the team may suffice and miss out on points as a result. Although this may seem like a problem in the short-term, their chances of winning a bigger game and driving back up the ranks will soar.

To put it simply - it is worth analysing rankings and ratings in order to get a clearer understanding of the top-performing teams at that moment in time. But, never rely solely on these statistics. Combine this analysis with the rest of the tips mentioned in this guide, instead!

Pay Attention To The Weather Forecast

All professional cricket betters will keep an eye out on the weather forecast before deciding where to place their money.

Near enough any weather condition will affect the quality of a cricket game - overcast conditions may favour team bowling, but a dry and sunny day will be advantageous to the batsmen side instead. And, if it rains, there’s a higher chance of a draw as less cricket will be played.

When analysing your cricket betting tips and predictions, don’t forget to check the country’s climate as well as the daily weather forecast. If the sun typically sets earlier in the country of play, then the game will be affected due to lack of time. In opposition to this, some countries may embrace sunlight right up until 9 pm, increasing the chances of playing a full game.

There’s no sport affected by the weather quite as much as cricket, so paying attention to all forecasts will help you to predict the outcome of the game.

Think About The Pitch Grounds

You should also pay attention to the condition of the pitch grounds since it is one of the variables that can affect the quality of play. Sometimes this is influenced by the weather; other times it is influenced by the surface given by groundsmen.

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Grounds like the Galle International Cricket Stadium in Sri Lanka will have a fairly dry surface due to hot weather, meaning certain bowlers will be at more of an advantage. Typically, these dry grounds assist spin bowlers who wish to make more of an impact. It’s noticing little things like this that will have a huge influence on the success of your cricket bet.

As well as looking at the ground's surface, be sure to do a bit of research into previous games that have occurred on the same pitch. Do certain players perform particularly well there? Do teams tend to score unusually high when playing at this venue?

In-Play Variables

While some of the best sports betting tips rely on out-of-play factors, others will focus on in-play variables. This can be anything from who won the coin toss on the opening morning to a team's overall experience playing at a certain ground or against a certain team.

The Coin Toss

On the opening morning of the cricket game, a coin is tossed and the winning captain will get to decide whether their team bowls or bats first. While a whole range of factors may also influence gameplay, it has been found that 34.8% of teams that win the coin toss at a test match end up winning the whole game.

Overall Team Experience

Although it may seem like an obvious point to make, the experience of the team will have a huge influence on the outcome of the game. This doesn’t always relate to how long they’ve been playing cricket, though - it could be anything from the team they’re playing against to the grounds they’re playing on.

If a team isn’t used to their opposition's technique, they may be at a disadvantage. It’s the same with the pitch grounds - an away team might not have experience with the given conditions. Such small variables can cause big consequences.

Batsman Experience

Keep the experience of the batsmen in mind when placing a cricket bet; they are all going to be at different stages of their career. Less experienced batsmen may seem successful during short-form games like T20 Cricket, but they may not be as lucky during long-form test matches.

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Bowlers Experience

The same applies to bowlers, too. An experienced bowler will know how to ‘scare’ the batsman with strong bowls - affecting gameplay as a result. Not-so experienced bowlers may not have nailed this skill yet, meaning in-play variables won’t be as exciting.


Just like in several other sports, confidence is key for the success of any cricket player while on the pitch. However, this can change in an instant. A blinding catch or misjudgment can immediately impact a player’s confidence, causing them to lose motivation when playing. Although a more unpredictable in-play variable, looking into how players overcome knocks to their confidence may hint towards the outcome of a game.

The above in-play variables are particularly important to keep in mind when putting your money on in-play betting. This is a form of betting which takes place during the event, rather than beforehand.

Betting on cricket is loads of fun, and with so many opportunities to make a profit, you’ll never get bored. The tips mentioned in this guide will help you to bet both reliably and tactfully - we recommend keeping them all in mind in order to get the most out of your experience. To bet on cricket and get free cricket betting tips that you can trust, choose LeoVegas Sports!


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