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Real Dealer Casino Games

You'll never have experienced anything like Real Dealer casino games. They use an innovative format that's exclusively unique for a gaming experience unlike any other. Recorded live action is seamlessly integrated with the unpredictability of a Random Number Generator (RNG). It means you can look forward to entertaining, real money casino games with an unrivalled level of presentation.

Real Dealer games add an elegant, Hollywood-style perfection to your favourite casino experiences. The image quality is wonderfully sharp, creating an immersive experience that's almost like being in the studio itself. If you’re a fan of live casino games then Real Dealer titles offer an alternative casino format that is well worth checking out.

Casino Favourites From Real Dealer Studios

Real Dealer already has a great collection of casino games. They include baccarat, several versions of roulette and a dynamic wheel of fortune. And the developers behind the games are continuously working on new titles, so there will always be new options to play. You'll love the friendly, charismatic hosts who interact with you for the duration of your stay. Their warm personalities and polished performances create an atmosphere that's relaxed, yet filled with the intrigue that all your favourite casino games deliver.

Games from Real Dealer include the most popular live casino games, but they utilise sophisticated computerised algorithms of RNGs to produce completely random results of cards or spins. You can place a variety of bets according to your chosen game just like in any other real money casino games. Plus, you have the chance to win some great cash prizes. The presentation is another reason why you'll love playing Real Dealer, and a feature that really sets these games apart. Its secret is flawless imagery and audio that no other live format can match.

Real Dealer Roulette

Roulette has been a favourite casino game for almost 230 years, and the Real Dealer options are part of the incredible line up of live roulette games available to play at LeoVegas. When you play Real Dealer Roulette, you can enjoy high-quality presentation and the excitement of placing traditional bets such as Street, Corner and Split.

You have a great choice of roulette games including Real Roulette. You can even play for low stakes of just £0.25 per spin. If you love playing fast, there's Multifire Roulette with an additional five bonus numbers and the chance to win up to 500 times your bet.

Real Dealer Baccarat

The origin of baccarat lies in the party games of 15th century Italy where it was played with Tarot cards. In this professional Real Dealer production, you'll have the fun of trying to outsmart your confident, charming host. Baccarat is often considered to be one of the easiest casino games you can play; the rules are uncomplicated so you can enter a session at any time, and most players who are new to the game find that learning how to play baccarat is fairly simple.

As with most casino games, your success in Real Dealer Baccarat depends entirely on fate! However, by using some clever betting strategies, and assuming luck is on your side, there's the possibility of winning amazing cash prizes of up to £3,500.

How Do Real Dealer Casino Games Work?

Real Dealer's motto is "It's not live, it's real". And you are sure to be amazed at the authenticity and quality of the games. Most of the action takes place in a cosy studio with the elegant decor of an aristocratic lounge with you as the only guest. It's the perfect setting for top-tier casino games such as roulette and baccarat, with their reputation for a luxury lifestyle the perfect match for the polished presentation on offer.

The games are straightforward to play, with the beautifully designed on-screen controls matching the rest of the high-quality experience on offer. These enable players to control everything needed to participate, including placing bets, selecting stakes and making choices required during the session.

Casino Games With Outstanding Presentation

Every time you play, your well-mannered hosts provide a superior performance of friendly charm, yet astonishingly, their actions are pre-recorded. The unique quality of Real Dealer lies in the extraordinary merger of edited film and live RNG action.

The filmed sequences are recorded with high-quality, professional grade cameras that provide footage that wouldn't be out of place in Hollywood. The cameras have an extensive range of frame size running into the thousands. There's the ratio of the sizing to consider and advanced techniques such as chroma sampling and compression used to film in exceptional clarity. These ensure the images are of superb precision before they enter the editing process.

Experienced film producers and technicians ensure the best camera angles and lighting effects are achieved and the filmed sequences are then edited to ensure the footage is perfect with a variety of distance and close up shots, and includes the smoothest continuity. Real Dealer blends the highest production standards with the premium gaming, and all of the games feature high-quality, filmed sequences with sharp images, natural colours and a crisp, audio soundtrack.

Are Real Dealer Games Superior to Live Streaming?

The main element that sets Real Dealer games apart from other live casino options is the quality of the presentation. While playing live games is a fantastic experience, Real Dealer titles take the look and feel of playing at an exclusive gaming establishment to the next level.

Most of the live online casino games you may have experienced so far use real-time video streaming, which has become an incredibly popular way to play casino games online. But the quality of the live pictures you receive is always subject to the speed of the upload from the casino. While this is typically of high quality, it does include a margin for error that even with the fastest upload can still produce dropped frames or images due to fluctuating latency.

Only games from Real Dealer produce a superior quality of uninterrupted transmission every time they're viewed. In terms of presentation, therefore, Real Dealer games might have the upper hand. But this of course is subjective. On the other hand, fully live games provide an experience that happens entirely in real time. Which you prefer is down to personal preference, and here at LeoVegas we’ve got all the options you need to play any style of casino game.

Perfect Performances From Real Dealer

Playing a Real Dealer game is like playing at a casino straight out of a Hollywood movie. Games from Real Dealer use professional actors from both sides of the Atlantic who are able to realistically portray characters of irrepressible charm and elegance. They're also trained to deliver the scripted passages of the games in a completely natural manner.

Through being pre-recorded, sequences can be refilmed and perfectly edited ensuring the performances are always at their best. This enables the games to offer a highly unique experience, delivering premium quality gaming entertainment while also making players feel like they’re starring in a movie on the big screen.

Play Real Dealer Games On Mobile & Online

If you’re looking for a flawlessly presented and highly convenient way to enjoy real casino games, then Real Dealer titles are hard to beat.

These innovative games are expertly finished for superb compatibility with desktops and mobile devices. As with desktops, you'll notice an improved picture quality on your mobile compared to some live streaming options, and you'll benefit from the convenience of being able to access games from Real Dealer at any time, wherever you are.

High Quality Gaming At LeoVegas

Real Dealer's innovative casino games combine the best of live action with the random accuracy of computerised algorithms in the RNG number mechanism. Games from Real Dealer are the ultimate in a professional, high-quality production. They feature a faultless screen performance to make your game immersive and realistic.

Real Dealer games are just part of our exciting catalogue of fabulous casino. We've got hundreds of the best online slots with themes that will keep you entertained for a long time to come, as well as online poker and other casino favourites such as live blackjack. And don’t forget, we’ve got some superb casino promotions and welcome offers for new players to take advantage of as well.