Live Casino Table Games Online

Table games are some of the most popular types of casino games to play, and at LeoVegas you can find a full range of live table games that enable you to play with real dealers for an authentic gaming experience.

Live casino games are designed to deliver even more entertainment to your gameplay as they bring all the action of a real life, premium gaming establishment to your screen. You'll benefit from real-time streaming and betting, plus features such as interactive live chat and multiple camera angles.

Many players quickly become firm fans of live dealer games because they provide an authentic atmosphere of casino play. Here you can find all the most popular live casino games including blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

What Are Casino Table Games?

People have always enjoyed socialising, and playing games is all part of the fun. Casino table games are largely classic games of chance that have evolved over hundreds of years. In the 17th century, the aristocracy began holding private house parties where table games developed as a form of high-quality entertainment.

Games of chance, including dice and card games have always been enjoyed because anyone can play them and they are usually simple to pick up without needing to study rules or strategies.

As table games developed over the years, placing bets became an essential feature, increasing the excitement of the gameplay for the audience as well as the players. Today’s technology means that you can now participate in professional quality casino table games live from any location.

The Best Online Casino Table Games

Here at LeoVegas you can find a wide selection of the best live table games to play. We’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading studios including Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play and Real Dealer to bring our members an incredible choice of games, including all the classics plus some fresh takes and modern twists on the games you know and love.

Card games include live baccarat, a very easy to play game that relies heavily on fate to deliver a total score of nine. You can also take your pick of live online poker games including Three Card, Caribbean Stud and a unique Two Hand Casino Hold'em. Although there are a few strategies to learn for poker, live dealer versions usually have the advantage of on-screen prompts.

Roulette, with its spinning wheel, was the original novelty game that captivated casino revellers in the 18th century. Live dealer versions now include classic roulette alongside a range of imaginative games involving a vertical wheel of fortune. They help create a live game show atmosphere to add even more variety to play sessions.

Live Blackjack Table Games

Players love the variety that blackjack offers and we’ve got a great range of the best live blackjack titles available, including versions with side bets as well as Speed Blackjack, innovative Infinite Blackjack and the hugely-entertaining Blackjack Party. Blackjack is also perfect for high roller stakes and visiting the exclusive Chambre Séparée.

Blackjack is thought to have developed from an early 18th century French game called Vingt-et-Un meaning 21. However, a century earlier, the Spanish author, Cervantes, referred to another game of 21 called Veintiuna.

Whoever invented it, today's live blackjack is one of the most popular live dealer casino games. Two cards are dealt to all players and the dealer. The object of the game is to form a winning hand with a value of 21 or less. You can have another card to try and reach 21, but if you think you'll exceed the number, you stand.

Live Roulette Table Games

We’ve got an incredible range of live roulette games to play including Double Ball Roulette, with two balls in the wheel, and Speed Roulette, where spins take just 25 seconds. Lightning Roulette is an award-winning game with five Lucky Numbers that add multipliers to your winning bets, and you can also find roulette within our live VIP games that are perfect for high rollers.

In 1655, the Frenchman, Pascal Blaise, invented the roulette wheel as a project concerning perpetual motion. But by the mid 1700s his invention had become the main feature of roulette. The wheel is used to spin a ball around its compartments numbered one to 36 before finally landing in the winning hole. The zero of European roulette was added in 1842 and immediately improved the house edge to 2.70%. Bets are represented by formations such as Street, Corners and Split.

Everyone loves roulette because beginners and experts alike can enjoy this entertaining game. You can play at whatever level you want just by placing bets on the table's grid of red and black numbers. Expert players like to use complex bets such as La Partage, En Prison and Orphelins, however, as a game of chance, how to win at roulette depends entirely on luck!

Play Table Games Live With Real Dealers

If you’ve yet to experience live online gaming, you'll be amazed at the difference a live dealer makes to the atmosphere of your game. It's almost like opening a door and stepping into the casino itself. It's an interactive experience where your game actually takes place in the casino, but with all the convenience and ease of access that playing online provides.

Whichever game you choose, it instantly becomes more sociable and engaging with a friendly dealer who helps make your visit a pleasure. Dealers are experienced and professional, just as you’d expect to find in any high quality casino, and they ensure that all live games are played smoothly and enjoyably for all players.

How Live Table Games Work

Casinos began experimenting with live dealer games as early as 1998, but the technology of the day wasn't sufficient to make the games reliable. By 2006, Evolution Gaming had emerged with a blueprint for creating a great suite of live dealer games.

The technology behind the streamed live dealer format is impressive. A system called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables you to interact with the professional dealer. If you are playing a card game, the dealer uses cards with large symbols that help you clearly see their values. The dealer then passes the cards over a sensor that translates a barcode on each card into data that's sent to your device. It's a streamlined process that makes your game as realistic as if you were sitting at the gaming table yourself.

One of the most important factors in live dealer table games is the timing. The entire game play is streamed using high quality video in real time from purpose built studios. Your wagers are also made in real time, and are placed using intuitive on-screen controls. The process ensures your casino game has all the drama of a trip to a physical casino, but the added advantage is you can relax at home while you play, and with mobile optimisation enabled, you can also experience the same high-quality gaming from any location.

A Huge Choice Of Table Games

Playing live dealer casino games is a great way to enjoy ultra realistic, high-quality entertainment. They are available 24 hours a day and are compatible with all types of devices. When you become a member at LeoVegas you can look forward to an amazing choice of live dealer table games as well as taking advantage of our generous casino promotions.

But you don't always have to play live dealer games; along with live table games, you can also find an incredible variety of online slot games, the biggest jackpot games and access to all the sports betting markets you could wish for.