Papaya Pop

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Description of Papaya Pop

Papaya Pop is a respectable addition to the hugely successful ‘PopWins suite of slots. Its high-intensity, progressive format is perfect for players looking to build fast momentum, with the possibility of creating six additional levels across all five reels available in bonus gameplay.

The slot is distinctive from its ‘CherryPop’ cousin in the way it deploys more exotic fruit symbols as opposed to the regular cherries, bananas and oranges associated with typical gaming titles. Papaya Pop draws inspiration from Scott F. Fitzgerald’s timeless classic The Great Gatsby, with ostentatious big band music and an unmistakable early-twentieth century feel to the graphics and gaming atmosphere.

Papaya Pop Special Features

The game's special features element is relatively simple but provides myriad ways of generating winnings. As soon as the player is able to build a reels to a height of six-high reel by connecting three matching symbols in succession (from the first or indeed far reel heading towards the centre), the bonus round is triggered.

Here, players are awarded an unlimited number of free spins, complemented by a pre-set, x2 multiplier. Before commencing the feature, individuals are able to gamble on their multiplier value, potentially receiving up to a times five supercharges on earnings. However, free spins are instantly removed should the player land on a losing section of the Gambling Wheel!

The bonus is navigated using three lives, with a ‘life’ eroding each time a spin leg, which will continue providing any three symbols appear in unison within the relevant pay table position, concludes. However, on each occasion a win is produced, the ‘life’ counter is re-installed to three, which usually results in players engaging with the feature for a considerable length of time.

Please note that regardless of the success of the spin, the multiplier tool will build by one each round, therefore significantly boosting potential winnings.

About Papaya Pop Slot

This highly-popular slot was produced as a collaboration piece between software developers Avatar UX and pioneering slot provider Yggdrasil Gaming.

It unapologetically hits many of the defining characteristics of 1920’s culture, with glamourous symbols, a pink neon pay table border, and the jiving tones of dance hall blues roaring in the background. Although the format is admittedly similar to many other titles within the ‘PopWins’ series, Papaya Pop offers an immersive gaming experience based on a clear, entertaining theme which will likely resonate with a number of different audiences.

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How to win in Papaya Pop base game

As alluded to previously, players benefit from a two-way symbol combination payout structure, having the ability to win whether three icons appear consecutively in both left-to-right and right-to-left directions.

In similarity to most slots, Papaya Pop utilises top-end card symbols for its low-level payouts. It deploys a selection of rather luxurious fruits to represent higher values, with horned melons, starfruit, durians, figs, mangosteens, dragon fruit, silver pineapples, and the all-important golden papaya playing their part. If any three of the same fruit are aligned, players stand to win anywhere between 2.5x to 15x their stake, dependent on the type of symbols struck.

The reel layout will gradually build in height and width during each spin, providing the blocks that fall continually create successful combinations. As soon as any winning sequence is halted, the grid re-sets to its original three-storey structure.

How to play Papaya Pop slot

Considering the number of ‘winning’ ways available at any given moment, the slot layout is straightforward, making the title accessible to players of all experience levels. Users are consistently informed of the number of ways in play as the reel board increases in size, whilst a simple staking option allows players to avoid having to work out a ‘coin value’ vs ‘level’ equation.

Players can bet within a bandwidth of £0.20, all the way through a maximum £40 bet threshold.