Cash Or Crash Live

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About Cash or Crash Live

Once again, Evolution brings unique gameplay to LeoVegas. This time in the form of Cash or Crash Live, which provides the golden opportunity to win up to 50,000x your stake by landing the Golden Ball. This new, exciting game show follows a 20-step, ladder-style ball drawing machine. The higher players climb up the ladder, the better their potential payouts are. Players can push themselves up the ladder with the aim of reaching the golden section.

Cash or Crash Live Special Features

Cruise across the skies as you join our live dealer in this unique live casino environment, which will see players fly across the sky in a blimp. Climb the 20-step ladder with your bet as your ticket as you attempt to get as high as possible up the ladder or draw the Gold Ball that can potentially catapult you into massive winnings. Beware of the Red Ball that could see you crash to the bottom of the ladder.

Cash or Crash Live Bonus

While moving up the ladder, if a Gold Ball is drawn, this will immediately activate the bonus round. A shield will appear on the screen, and it will only be broken when a Red Ball is in play. This means that the more Green Balls drawn, the better your multiplier as you climb up the ladder.

How To Win In Cash or Crash Live

Players will need to look for three balls on offer within the 24 shown in the machine. Green allows players to move a step up the 20-rung ladder. The Gold Ball will offer an additional life and also increase the payouts on offer, and drawing a Red Ball will cause the game to crash to an end.

Upon climbing a step on the ladder, players will be given one of three options:

1) Continue - Continue to play and attempt to climb higher up the ladder.

2) Take Half - Cash out with 50% of your current winning total. However, you'll then have the chance to continue playing the current round with your remaining in-game winning balance.

3) Take All - Cash out completely. Players will then have to wait until the next round to place another bet.

How To Play Cash or Crash Live

As this is a live casino game, rounds will be continuously happening, and players will be unable to wager if a round is currently being played. Players can choose their stake amount by clicking the total bet amount listed at the bottom of the game screen and set the wager to suit their chosen budget. Before the machine moves to the next round, players will have the chance to Continue, Take Half or Take All. The next round will then be played, and if a Green Ball is drawn, they will continue up the ladder.

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