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Fast Play

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Fast-Paced Live Casino Games

All live casino games are designed for great entertainment, but if you like to play long sessions, or simply enjoy gaming at a faster pace, then you’ll appreciate our range of fast play live games.

Fast play casino games are built to deliver both high-quality entertainment and incredible speed. The games are streamed live in real-time from purpose-built studios, enabling you to place your bets, watch the action unfold and - if your luck is in - collect your winnings all at a faster rate. With friendly and energetic real dealers, superb looking backgrounds and an incredible choice of games, this is fast-paced casino gaming at its best.

What are Fast Play Live Casino Games?

Online casino games with a live dealer and a super-fast pace provide you with an atmosphere that is often lighthearted, with cheerful presenters who know how to make sure you enjoy playing.

Even traditionalists who are deadly serious about live roulette or playing classic live blackjack are sure to be won over by the aura of some of the games available here. Titles such as Evolution's Live Dream Catcher are hugely entertaining, with fantastic hosts who do a great job of delivering on fun and keep the game moving at an energetic pace.

But don’t worry if you want to slow things down a little; these games are not designed to replace existing formats - they are simply worthy additions that provide high-quality gaming for different moods. However, many players find that once they try fast play games, these options quickly become their new favourites.

The designers of fast-paced casino games put the focus firmly on delivering an entertaining casino experience. The fast pace certainly delivers, and of course, also provides more opportunities to win some cash prizes. This all adds up to make fast play live games a great place to be. They provide a rapid burst of entertainment that's ideal if you're short of time, or simply want to have a bit of fun.

The Advantages Of Fast Play Gaming

Less delay between each spin or hand of cards enables you to play twice as many rounds as in a game played at a normal pace. You can play games of roulette in under 30 seconds or choose a game show-style event that completes a round in half the time.

Fast play helps you condense a high-quality gaming session into a short time frame. Fast play also avoids the tedium of waiting for the game's next round to start. It's an ideal format if you're generally impatient or you simply need a change of pace.

How To Play Fast Play Live Games

Fast play games are designed to be enjoyed by everyone. The games are typically easy to play with uncomplicated rules. You'll usually find on-screen prompts and graphics showing you where to place bets. The live dealers also issue instructions, making each round streamlined and fast.

However, you do have to practise being decisive; there's very often a narrow margin of approximately 15 to 18 seconds for you to place your bets. Thankfully the games are very easy to navigate using the clear on-screen dashboard.

Can You Win Big Prizes In Fast Play Live Games?

While the focus of fast play live dealer games is firmly on fun, you certainly shouldn't underestimate the potential for big wins offered by these titles either. They provide valuable casino action for all types of players including seasoned high rollers.

Evolution's Dream Catcher, with its wheel of fortune, live game show format, lets you play for a minimum stake of just £0.10, but if you're feeling enthusiastic, you can go to a maximum of £1,000. Infinite Blackjack definitely isn't for the faint-hearted, offering stakes that range from £1.00 up to £5,000 per hand. If you win, there could be huge cash prizes in store thanks to the generous RTP value on offer.

Due to the speed of these games, betting is usually simplified with clearly-defined coin sizes that you can quickly select. Your winnings are automatically paid and shown on your screen's dashboard.

Fast Play Bonus Features

Fast action versions of traditional casino games usually include amazing bonus features. The Lightning series of Evolution games, including the hugely popular Live Lightning Roulette, have randomly selected multipliers of up to 1,000 times your bet.

As live dealer games, they even include a chat facility, although you may be too engrossed in the action to use it. These fast games are perfect for playing at any time. They are streamed live in High Definition, and they are compatible with all types of devices including tablets and smartphones.

The Fastest Live Casino Games Around

Some of Evolution's most popular fast-action games have arcade formats that are really easy to play. Lightning Dice lets you predict the total score of three dice after they've tumbled down a see-through assault course. It has an impressive RTP and you have up to 18 seconds to complete a round.

Dream Catcher is a wheel of fortune game show with an entertaining host, where the wheel is loaded with multipliers. You have just 18 seconds to place one or more bets, with the game offering the chance to win some amazing cash rewards.

Fast Play Baccarat and Blackjack

With its energetic pace, Live Speed Baccarat could become your favourite card game when you're really short of time. You can play a round in 27 seconds flat instead of the longer 48 seconds of the standard game. The dealer saves time by placing all the cards face up, but it's more than enough to secure a winning hand with a value of nine. If you’re familiar with other live baccarat games you’ll feel right at home here. But even if you’ve never played baccarat before, don’t worry because it’s one of the easiest casino games to pick up.

Blackjack is another popular game that offers some incredible fast play versions. If you’re new to the game it might be worth brushing up on how to play blackjack before you get started, although all the titles here are simple to follow with helpful prompts from the hosts to help you along. Options such as Free Bet Blackjack from Evolution are played fast, but there's still time to enjoy additional side bets such as Six Card Charlie and Hot 3.

Play Lightning Roulette, Speed Roulette and More

Speed Roulette from Evolution Gaming was first launched in 2017 and has been popular with fans ever since. It could be just about the fastest version of roulette you’ll ever play, taking just 25 seconds to complete an entire round. The game saves time by taking your bet while the wheel's in motion.

Another great roulette option is the award-winning Lightning Roulette, which is one of the most famous live dealer games available and one of the most played live games at LeoVegas. It features an innovative lightning strike that hits the roulette wheel to randomly choose five Lucky Numbers. Betting limits range from £0.20 to £1,000 and you can win amazing multipliers worth up to 500 times your stake for one of these numbers as a straight bet.

Authentic Gaming's high-quality Auto Roulette gives you the option of playing at 30 or 60 seconds, while Evolution's auto version is set at 35 seconds. Fast roulette games are easy to play and include all the usual wagers such as corners and racetrack bets. It's exactly like playing standard roulette, but the action is much faster.

High Energy Gaming Experiences

Live casino games that play at an ultra-fast speed provide some of the most exciting online entertainment available. You can join real-time events streamed live 24 hours a day. The studios have sophisticated decor with excellent audio and multiple camera angles, which all add to the quality of the experience. You'll also love the performances from the live dealers whose personalities add even more fun to the electrifying atmosphere.

If you want to slow things down a little, then of course as the King of Casino we’ve got a huge range of casino games that you can play at a standard pace as well, including a superb range of VIP live games. We’ve also got all the best slot games to enjoy, including classic favourites and the latest releases, as well as some incredible casino bonuses and promotions to help you get started.