Super Bowl LVII Betting Tips | 2023: Eagles vs Chiefs Odds

Superbowl LVIII odds & preview

Superbowl LVIII (or just the Superbowl) is on the way, and as always, LeoVegas is standing by with some pre-game markets and odds before the final of the NFL playoffs takes place. Anyone into American football knows about the prestige and the ceremony of the yearly Superbowl. This year, the 58th final – which is taking place at Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas – will unfold on 11th February at 6:30pm ET (11:30pm GMT in the UK). Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to set your alarm to make sure that you’re ready to take in all of the action!

In this guide, we take you through all you need to know about bets on the Super Bowl and let you in on some previous Super Bowl winners. Remember, however, that there have been some major upsets in the past – so stick with LeoVegas and take a look at our sports betting markets.

Who’s heading to Super Bowl 2024?

There were four teams in contention for the Super Bowl this year – the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens were the top picks from the AFC, with the sides having won the West and North leagues, respectively.

On the other side, there were the Detroit Lions and the San Francisco 49ers, who were heading to the final from the West and North, again, respectively.

The 49ers and the Chiefs won their respective matches (San Francisco saw off Detroit 34-31, and Kansas City beat Baltimore 17-10) and are now heading to Super Bowl 2024 – but who will be the favourites going into the game?

Right now, the 49ers are looking good to get behind – but things can all change by the time the big game takes place. Super Bowl betting odds suggest that the Chiefs are the outsiders here – but again, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the changing Super Bowl betting markets as we get closer to 11th February.

Beyond Super Bowl 58: NFL markets

While we’re really into the Super Bowl here at LeoVegas, we’re also big fans of the NFL in general. One look at the NFL betting section in the LeoVegas sportsbook should make that pretty clear!

Therefore, even after Super Bowl 58 has closed this February, it’s worth taking a look at our pre-season odds and markets for the next set of football showdowns for the 2024/25 clashes. Simply head to the ‘Football’ section of our sportsbook and select ‘NFL’, either by logging into the desktop version of our site or by downloading and logging in via the app.

We run thousands of regular NFL markets, meaning that you can always expect us to get deep into the action. For example, as it’s an American sport, we give you the chance to bet on the spread – and to make prop bets on markets as simple as who wins the coin toss in a game, and who scores the most points.

Per game, you can also bet on different players – for example, who’s going to claim MVP? As always, we line up plenty of futures and outright markets for the NFL season ahead, and this means that you can even pick out who you think is going to Super Bowl 59 long before it happens!

Super Bowl bets: who was in the AFC Championship Game?

The AFC Championship Game took place on Sunday, 28th January. It was a clash between regional AFC champs Kansas and Baltimore.

The Chiefs and the Ravens have varied histories between them when it comes to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs have claimed three NFL Championships – they had a drought between 1970 and 2020, but were in fact reigning champions heading into the 2024 head-to-head.

In the end, the Chiefs were worthy winners against the Ravens, with the game finishing 17-10.

NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl bets

The NFC Championship Game also took place on Sunday, 28th January. It was between the Detroit Lions and the San Francisco 49ers, both of whom deserved places at the Super Bowl – though only one side could get there.

The 49ers are something of a powerhouse team when it comes to NFL wins, and when it comes to Super Bowl betting odds, they’re normally on the short side. That’s because they have five wins under their belts at present, and they’re looking to add a sixth.

The Lions, however, were underdogs heading to the Championship Game for a reason: they’re only one of four remaining NFL sides who haven’t appeared in a Super Bowl before – and given that they were going up against five-time champions, this was always going to be a David and Goliath battle.

The NFC Championship Game ended 34-31 to the 49ers, with San Francisco coming from behind in stunning fashion to grab the win.

Super Bowl betting odds and markets

With Super Bowl LVIII drawing closer, now’s a good time to take a look at some of the markets opening up at LeoVegas.

Right now, we’re lining up outright bets ahead of the main event. You’ll also be able to bet on who you think will claim the title of MVP. Is this Travis Kelce’s time to shine?

Take your time, and as always, remember to bet wisely. You can manage your betting slip and markets easily through the app and your account in desktop mode – and reach out to the LeoVegas team if you need any support.

As well as the Super Bowl, we also offer betting odds on the NCAAF, so you can keep a close eye on college football across the US.

Super Bowl winners: stats to remember

The Superbowl has been a mainstay of American sporting action since rival champions first faced off against each other in 1967. However, in the 50-plus years since Super Bowl I, there have been lots of different winners, matchups and upsets.

The most successful Superbowl sides are the Boston/New England Patriots, with a total of six wins in 11 appearances, having last won the Championship in 2018. They’re tied, however, with the Pittsburgh Steelers on wins – the Steelers have claimed six Superbowls of their own, but have appeared eight times.

The 49ers are looking to join that pantheon of champions this year, as they’ll tie with the Steelers on wins and appearances if they’re successful. Right now, they tie with the Dallas Cowboys on five wins and seven appearances.

Spare a thought for the New York Jets, who have only won the Superbowl once, and that was back in the 1960s! That said, there are several teams without Superbowl wins, and four of them have never appeared in the final at all.

More statistics ahead of Super Bowl 2024

The Super Bowl might seem like a forgone conclusion when you look at some of the odds – but that’s really not true! In fact, some of the biggest upsets in NFL history have occurred at the Super Bowl, and anything could happen in the dying minutes of a game.

One thing’s for sure, however, and that’s the biggest upset of all time taking place at Superbowl III, between the New York Jets and the Baltimore Colts. As mentioned, the Jets have only won the Superbowl once – and it was here that, with the help of Joe Namath, they managed to beat the Colts on the back of a stern 18-point spread.

The game made a star of Namath – and, arguably, Tom Brady experienced similar stratospheric fame at Super Bowl XXXVI.

It was Brady’s game-winning play for the Patriots against the St. Louis Rams that had jaws dropping across the NFL-watching world. His side came back from a 14-point spread, with the Rams tying the game around 90 seconds from the end of play. If it wasn’t for Brady’s incredible final drive setting up Adam Vinatieri’s 48-yard field goal attempt, things could have been much different.

FAQs about Superbowl 58

When is the Superbowl?

Superbowl 58, or Superbowl 2024, will take place on Sunday, 11th February. It will air on CBS in the US, but it will be available to stream in the UK, and we’ll have markets available through LeoVegas for you to bet on right up to the punch.

What time is the Superbowl?

Superbowl 2024 is going to take place at 6:30pm ET, which is 11:30pm GMT in the UK. You can normally expect the whole show to last for around four hours, meaning that it’s worth planning ahead of time to go to bed a little later than normal if you’re in the UK!

Who won the Super Bowl in 2023? Super Bowl 2023 was won by the Kansas City Chiefs, who beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 to claim the Championship, otherwise known as Super Bowl LVII.