LeoVegas – NFL Betting Guide

The NFL is about much more than the Super Bowl. While the annual extravaganza is without a doubt one of the top sporting events on the calendar, betting on the NFL is actually possible all year round.

Fans of the sport can place bets on everything from player props to individual games to the NFL Draft.

About the NFL

The NFL is one of the top sports to bet on in the world, with millions tuning in to watch all the action.

Founded more than 100 years ago, the NFL recently, therefore, celebrated its centenary, and it continues to get more popular all the time, with betting on the games particularly popular at the LeoVegas Sportsbook.

Various NFL betting markets can be found on every single game that is played. The season normally starts in September and runs until the Super Bowl takes place in February.

However, the fact that outright NFL betting is available throughout the year – while NFL Draft betting is also offered – means that there is always a chance for fans of the sport to pick out some winning wagers.

How to bet on NFL?

Betting on the NFL works in just about the same way as any other sport at the LeoVegas Sportsbook:

Log into your LeoVegas account and navigate to the NFL betting section of the site. Decide which market to bet on from the choice of outrights or individual games. Make a selection and tap or click on it to add it to your LeoVegas betslip. Decide how much to stake on the bet and see the potential payout that is up for grabs. Tap or click to confirm the bet, and then wait and see whether it becomes a winning wager.

NFL outright betting markets

Which NFL outright betting markets are available depends very much on the time of the year. Most of the time, it will be possible to place bets on the Super Bowl champion for the current season, if not the next year. It will likely be possible to have a bet on the NFC or the AFC champions during the NFL season.

As the build-up to a new NFL season gathers pace, various outright betting markets are likely to be available. MVP betting markets for the NFL tend to be very popular. It might also be possible to place a wager on the quarterback with the most passing yards over the season, or the wide receiver who records the highest number of receptions in the current campaign. These would be examples of player prop bets.

Various special outright wagers are also offered around a major event such as the Super Bowl. As an example, in the build-up to the 2023 Super Bow, LeoVegas was running a market on the first song and the last song to be performed by Rihanna during the game’s famous half-time show.

NFL game betting markets

Lots of different NFL game betting markets can be found atLeoVegas, which helps to explain why the sport has become one of the most popular among those who sign up for an account.

Each game that is played in the NFL has many markets available, not just for which team will win.

Handicap betting is particularly popular in the NFL. This helps to even up the odds in the event of one team being strongly favoured.

In the NFL, handicap betting means that a team will either be given a virtual head-start or a penalty. For example, in the 2023 Super Bowl, the LeoVegas Sportsbook priced the Philadelphia Eagles as favourites.

Browsing the handicap markets gave NFL fans the chance to bet on the Eagles -1.5 for the game. This means that they would have to win by at least two points for Eagles -1.5 to be a winning wager.

Alternatively, it would be possible to bet on the Kansas City Chiefs via the NFL handicap markets. Their handicap was +1.5 on the LeoVegas Sportsbook. This means that the bet would be a winning wager even in the event of the Chiefs losing the game to the Eagles by a single point, due to the handicap.

Furthermore, game betting on the NFL at the LeoVegas Sportsbook includes the chance to bet on the total number of points that will be scored in the game. Other NFL game betting markets that can be used include whether or not a game will go into overtime, as well as the winning margin at the end of the game.

The bet builder tool that has become very popular among football fans is also in play for the NFL. This gives customers at the LeoVegas Sportsbook the chance to create their very own same-game NFL acca.

NFL Player Prop Betting Markets

One of the great things about NFL betting at LeoVegas is the large number of player props wagers offered. Player props bets simply involve betting on an individual performing a certain action in a game.

For example, a common NFL player prop betting market is for the first player to score a touchdown in the game. It is also possible to bet on a player scoring a touchdown at any time in the game.

Other popular NFL player prop betting markets to consider include the top points scorer in the game.

NFL Draft Betting

While the NFL season comes to an end with the Super Bowl, attention then turns to NFL Draft betting.

Here, fans of the sport have a chance to place wagers on the outcome of the annual Draft, which is one of the most exciting dates on the calendar for many people.

Betting on the first player to be taken in the NFL Draft is always a popular market around this time of year. The 2023 NFL Draft is set to be held in the plaza outside of Union Station in Kansas City from 27th April.

Do NFL bets include overtime?

One question that people are likely to be asking when trying to find winning wagers for the NFL is whether or not they include overtime – normally shortened to OT for brevity.

The answer is that it depends. At the LeoVegas Sportsbook, it will state clearly whether or not any OT would be taken into account when deciding whether or not a bet has won.

For example, ahead of the 2023 Super Bowl between the Eagles and the Chiefs, the top market on offer was simply for which team would be lifting the trophy at the end of the night, including any OT period.

However, player props markets such as any defensive player to record a sack and make an interception during the course of an NFL game might not include any OT period that is needed to decide the winner.

How to change to the American Betting odds format

NFL betting will be displayed as fractions by default at the [LeoVegas Sportsbook](/. However, those who want to change to the American betting odds format can do so easily – there is no need to even log in.

Tapping or clicking on ‘Settings’ near the top of the page will take users to the right area. Here, they will be able to see a short menu for the odds format in which prices are displayed at LeoVegas.

Fractional and decimal tend to be the most popular odds formats, but American odds are also offered.

Clicking or tapping on American odds in this menu will mean that the odds format changes across the site. Anyone who then wants to change it back to decimal or fractions later can do so via Settings.

Brief history of recent Super Bowl winners

Anyone who is considering NFL betting at the LeoVegas Sportsbook is advised to research recent winners of the Super Bowl, which is played on the second Sunday in February each year.

The Green Bay Packers won the first two AFL-NFL World Championship games – which were renamed Super Bowls at a later date – but the last of their four titles came all the way back in 2010.

The New England Patriots are the joint-most-successful team in Super Bowl history, racking up six titles, all of which were won by the combination of coach Bill Belichick and legendary quarterback Tom Brady.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have also won the Super Bowl six times in their history, tying the Patriots. However, their most recent win was in 2008 and the Pats have lifted the trophy on three occasions since then.

In more recent years, Brady secured his legacy by leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to their second title in what was his first season for his new team after leaving the Patriots in controversial circumstances.

The Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers are both five-time Super Bowl champions, but neither team has claimed victory in the showpiece occasion since the mid-1990s.

The 2022 Super Bowl was won by NFC champions the Los Angeles Rams, who beat the Cincinnati Bengals of the AFC 23-20 at SoFi Stadium in California, which is the Rams’ home stadium.

Super Bowl Betting Preview

As the Super Bowl approaches the 57th edition, we have a full betting preview of the battle for the NFL’s biggest prize as the Philadelphia Eagles meet the Kansas City Chiefs in Arizona.