EFL Cup Betting Guide

The EFL Cup is one of the most popular celebrations of English football across the season – and with 92 clubs taking part each year, there are going to be some upsets and surprises along the way.

The name of the EFL Cup can change due to sponsorship – currently, it’s the Carabao Cup – but the format is always the same. It’s a knockout tournament that tests the best of national football.

In this EFL Cup betting guide, we take you through what you need to know about the competition, the fixtures to watch out for, and how you can get involved through the LeoVegas sportsbook.

About The EFL Cup

EFL Cup betting has been around for a long time – but did you know that the tournament itself is over 60 years old?

The English Football League Cup, to give the competition its full name, first started back in 1960. It’s a tournament between all the teams taking part in the four top tiers of the English league – meaning that teams from the Premiership, Championship, and Leagues One and Two take part.

Therefore, the EFL Cup differs from the FA Cup in that the latter includes teams from non-league divisions.

Of course, just because there have been 64 editions of the EFL Cup doesn’t mean that there have been 64 winners. Liverpool FC have won the Cup the most times at present, with nine titles over the past seven decades. Manchester City are not far behind on eight wins, while Man United have six, and Aston Villa and Chelsea have five apiece.

However, it’s not always Premiership sides who win the Cup – far from it! We’ll look at some unlikely winners a little later.

EFL Cup betting odds

At LeoVegas, we offer competitive betting odds EFL Cup that fans can search for from the start of the competition right through to matchday. This includes in-play betting, which lets you take advantage of the changing action as it happens.

In each round, you can bet on the different matches and potential goal scorers heading towards the final – so if you have no idea which team might take away the EFL spoils, you can bet one match at a time. We also have markets for top scorers and precise scorelines.

However, if you think Chelsea are ready to win this year, or if you think Liverpool deserves a punt, you can still bet on the outright winner ahead of the tournament beginning! Just look at our sportsbook, or you can see the app for details.

EFL Cup betting: Fixtures to remember

The EFL Cup usually takes place between August of one year and February of the next. The first round usually takes place in the first week of August, with all the matches unfolding between then and the final, which takes place in the last week of February. Of course, these dates might change in the future depending on a few factors, so keep this in mind!

If you’re getting your calendar ready for EFL Cup betting, make sure to mark the end of August for round two, the end of September for round three, the end of October for round four, mid-December for the quarterfinals, and the start of January for the semi-finals.

For the 2023/24 season, the EFL released fixtures for round one and the final of the Carabao Cup in late June. It’s likely we’ll see the fixtures for 2024/25 in June 2024, so mark your calendars!

For now, let’s look at the fixtures for the 2023/2024 season.

EFL Cup Round One - August 7th, 2023 EFL Cup Round Two - August 28th 2023 EFL Cup Round Three - September 25th 2023 EFL Cup Quarter Final - 18th December 2023 EFL Cup Semi Final Round One - 8th January 2024 EFL Cup Semi Final Round Two - 21st January 2024 Carabao Cup Final - February 25th, 2024

EFL Cup betting is very popular with football fans in England and Wales because it runs alongside the main league action. It’s a chance for the clubs involved to play in stadiums that they might not otherwise get to experience!

Fans get to see fantasy matchups combining [lower-league and Premiership football teams – for example, what if Wrexham drew Arsenal in the first round? Or if Notts County face off against Notts Forest in a local derby set leagues apart?

EFL Cup betting tips: All about the final

The EFL Cup final is where it all comes to a head. The teams have played their hearts out, and the two best teams in English and Welsh football – at least, according to this knockout format – are left to show us what they’re made of.

The EFL Cup final for 2023/24 is set to take place between Chelsea and Liverpool on 25th February at 4:30pm.

It’s a big occasion to begin with – however, if Chelsea win, they will pull into second place for the most EFL Cup wins in history alongside Manchester United. If Liverpool win, they will extend their lead as the most decorated club in the tournament’s history.

As time draws closer to the final, you’ll be able to look into EFL Cup betting odds, specifically for the last two teams in the competition. Who’s going to score the winning goal, and how long will the match go on for? Only time will tell!

Big upsets in EFL betting history

As a major tournament between big and small clubs across the country, it’s easy to assume that Premiership sides win the cup time and time again. You’d be right in a sense, but there have been upsets over the years!

For example, Swansea won against Bradford in an eyebrows-raising final in 2013, and Birmingham City beat the odds to triumph against Arsenal in 2011. Before that, Sheffield Wednesday shocked fans by defeating Manchester United in the 1991 final, and even Luton had their turn beating Arsenal in 1988.

FAQs about EFL Cup Betting

What is the EFL Cup?

The EFL Cup is a yearly tournament that takes place between all the teams in the top four leagues in English football, with some Welsh teams also taking part. It has been a fixture in national football since 1960.

When is the EFL Cup draw?

The EFL cup draw dates change every year, but for the first round, you’ll typically hear news in June or July. This gives you plenty of time to brush up on form and look into dates of certain matches. As soon as each round finishes, the EFL schedules the next draw so that teams still in the competition know who they’re up against next.

When is the EFL Cup final?

The EFL Cup final takes place at the end of February every year. In 2024, it’s taking place on 25th February at 4:30pm.

Where is the EFL Cup final held?

The EFL Cup final takes place at Wembley Stadium, which holds up to 90,000 people. The stadium underwent a major refurbishment in 2007.

What are the dates for EFL Cup fixtures?

Round one of the EFL Cup starts in early August, and the final of the EFL Cup takes place at the end of February. Therefore, it ends in plenty of time for most leagues to finish tying up. Fixtures change from year to year, so keep an eye on LeoVegas for the latest changes and movements.