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Slingo Games

Slingo Games | LeoVegas | Up to £100 + 50 free spins

The online casino industry has always focused on innovation, with the likes of Megaways slots making a huge impact here at LeoVegas. It’s now time to look at another fantastic slots invention in the form of Slingo games, many of which are available to play right here.

What Is Slingo?

Let’s get to it then. The first question you probably have is: “what is Slingo?” Well, it is essentially a cross between slots and bingo games. The idea of Slingo games has actually been around for over 25 years, as they originally came onto the scene in 1994. This obviously saw the games presented in a very different format to what you see now, as they were originally available via a CD-ROM and were played via a disc for your PC.

Bringing in aspects of bingo such as the ability to chat with friends as you played, the original Slingo games for PC were simply created for entertainment purposes and were not available to play with real money. Over the years, some Slingo games also became available on consoles such as the Nintendo DS, for example.

The natural progression for a game type such as Slingo is to eventually make them able to be played with real money. Thus, once online casino sites made a breakthrough, Slingo games were modified for these platforms. In the present day, many online casino players enjoy Slingo titles with LeoVegas, King of Casino via desktop, mobile and tablet devices whether at home or on the go.

How To Play Slingo

How To Play Slingo

So, how does Slingo work? As a mix of slots and bingo, the key aspects of both games are included. Firstly, when loading up one of our Slingo online games you will see a bingo card in a 5x5 format, with 25 spaces for numbers to be ticked off. Below the bingo-style card is one slot-style reel, which has spaces for five symbols.

Each game will last a certain number of spins, often 10, meaning that after you click the play button your bet amount will last for the outlined number of spins. The aim of the game is to land numbers on the reel that match up with numbers on the bingo-style grid, which can then be ticked off. If the number that appears on the reel is also in the same vertical column directly above it, it’s ticked off by taking the form of a star symbol.

You will see that there is a section to the left of the game that counts up the number of possible lines you can complete, from 1 line all the way up to 10 lines followed by the maximum of a Full House. The win lines can be either vertical, horizontal or even diagonal, and will be outlined in the information section of each game so that you know exactly what you’re aiming for.

Once win lines, also referred to as Slingos, are hit, you will move up the ladder to the left of the game grid. When climbing the ladder, you’ll see that by completing a certain number of win lines that you can trigger bonus features, depending on the game.

Special Slingo Symbols

There are some Slingo symbols that can appear on the reels with special capabilities:

Jokers: A Joker on the reel will allow you to mark any number in the column above. The relevant numbers will light up green, then click on the number you’d like to mark off.

Super Jokers: A Super Joker allows you to mark any number on the grid, instead of just those in the same column. Of course, this gives you more scope to complete a winning line elsewhere.

Devils: Devils act as blocking symbols and usually can only appear on the centre reel.

Free Spin: Free Spin symbols do as the name suggests - offer you an extra Free Spin.

Buy Extra Slingo Spins

After the initial spins from your bet are over, you will be presented with the opportunity to buy some extra spins in order to keep the game going and provide yourself with further winning opportunities. How much this will cost you per extra spin will be dependent on how close you are to further winning lines, and the price will always be clearly stated on the screen each time.

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Where Can I Play Slingo Games?

Right here at LeoVegas! We have a great selection of Slingo games that are ready to play whenever you are. Simply sign up for an account and you can view the entire selection of great games.

Best Slingo Games

Best Slingo Games

As always, we are extremely proud of the selection of games we have accumulated for our players to enjoy. Here are some of the best Slingo games on offer.

Slingo Rainbow Riches

The original Rainbow Riches game was so much of a success that it has inspired a whole series of great spin-offs. One such version is the hugely entertaining Slingo Rainbow Riches which keeps the popular Irish theme with Leprechaun and all, with a yellow brick road potentially leading you to a pot of gold over the rainbow.

We’ve already explained how Slingo games work, so what does Slingo Rainbow Riches offer in particular? As well as the excellent Irish countryside visuals, it is the stellar list of bonus features that really stand out.

Wishing Well Bonus

Unlocked by 5 lines. The Wishing Well presents a choice of three wells to pick from, each with a prize hidden behind it.

Cash Crop Bonus

Unlocked by 6 lines. 50 coins are shown on the screen, spinning to reveal certain values, providing the chance to play multiplier rounds of up to x10.

Magic Toadstool Bonus

Unlocked by 7 lines. The game will give you three picks to reveal a win value up to 5x or a fairy, with each fairy revealing a further three values.

Magic Toadstool Red Bonus

Unlocked by 8 lines. You’ll have four picks this time, providing an extra chance to add more winnings to your pot.

Road To Riches Bonus

Unlocked by 9 lines. Spin the wheel and follow the yellow brick road, as you take steps along the path while collecting multipliers along the way up to the maximum of a huge x500.

Road To Riches Red Bonus

Unlocked by 10 lines. This round is the same as the previous but with one excellent twist: that win amounts are doubled.

Pots of Gold Bonus

Unlocked by a Full House. The Leprechaun stands in the middle while 12 pots spin around him. When the spinning stops, you will be credited with the multiplier value that the arrow is pointing to. The options are x50, x100, x200, x400 and x1000.

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Slingo Strategy

While online slots are games of complete chance with no option for any skill or strategy, Slingo games are a little bit different. The strategy aspect comes in when you have a Joker or Super Joker symbol at your disposal, as you are given the option of picking the next number to be ticked off.

Choosing the number that gets you closest to completing a win line is advised, and the central square is particularly important to tick off, as it can be included in a horizontal, vertical and two diagonal win lines.

Other Games at LeoVegas

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