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Most Played Live Casino Games at LeoVegas

Most Played Live Casino Games | LeoVegas | Up to £100 Cash

We take our title ‘King of Casino’ very seriously here at LeoVegas. It is not just a moniker or catchphrase, we really believe it to be true. This is for a number of reasons, one of which is our incredible collection of Live Casino games.

With a gargantuan selection of games, we know it must be tough for our players to decide which ones to try. Therefore, we’ve taken a look at the stats and have come up with a refined list of the most played games in our Live Casino section.

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LeoVegas Live Roulette

You will not be surprised to hear that we are extremely proud of our Chambre Séparée section, where we list a number of titles that are exclusive to LeoVegas. What this means is that they each have our trademark lion logo branding, with the easy on the eye orange and white colour scheme standing out on a HD video stream.

The most popular of these branded games is LeoVegas Live Roulette. An instant classic, this has all the basics that make Online Roulette such a special game. The sleek Roulette wheel is split into 37 segments, 18 of which are red and 18 of which are black, with the 0 segment coloured in the standard green. The table itself has the orange colour scheme, with the lion logo seen both above the wheel and in the background behind the presenter. As with all Roulette games, there are so many different ways to bet in this game, from the simplistic and popular red/black or odd/even which payout at 1/1, through to bets of higher odds such as selecting individual numbers.

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Live Lightning Roulette

Roulette, on the whole, is as popular here at LeoVegas as you would expect with any online casino. There are so many different variations for you to enjoy too, with another of the most popular selections being Live Lightning Roulette. An exceptional game with a difference, this really brings the overall gaming experience up a few notches.

This is far from just an ordinary Roulette game though, as Lightning Roulette has one particularly useful feature. Before any round begins, up to five numbers are randomly selected to be struck by lightning. What this means is that if you have placed a Straight Up bet on one of these numbers and the bet goes on to win, your winnings could be multiplied by between 50x to a massive 500x. The rounds come thick and fast too, presenting you with plenty of different chances to win.

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A slight change of pace sees us take a look at the magnificent MONOPOLY Live game, brought to LeoVegas in association with Evolution Gaming and Hasbro, Inc. Similar to Roulette, there is a wheel in play, but it is presented in a very different way. The charismatic presenters bring a superb level of showmanship to the game, as there is a large upright wheel split into 54 segments.

These segments are split up by colour and numbers, with the objective of the game being to predict the segment that the wheel is going to point to when it comes to a stop after the next spin. In addition to this, there is also a special bonus game available that transports you to a virtual 3D MONOPOLY board. In order to qualify for this bonus, a bet must be placed on either ‘2 Rolls’ or ‘4 Rolls’, with the wheel landing on the relevant segment. A pair of dice are rolled, and MR. MONOPOLY will walk around the board and potentially collect prizes for you. If you are looking for something different, MONOPOLY Live could be the game for you.

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MONOPOLY © 1935, 2020 Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Deal Or No Deal Live

Sticking with the game show theme, Deal or No Deal Live is another of the most popular Live Casino offerings here at LeoVegas. If you have ever seen the TV show that became immensely popular both in the UK and the US, you will know exactly what to expect here. What you are aiming to do is predict whether the amount of money in your selected briefcase is larger than that of the banker’s offer.

To qualify for the game itself, you will need to navigate through the locked safe during the qualification round. If you have done so, you can decide to use the Top Up Wheel to increase the amount of money in your briefcase. Then, the main game will begin with the presenter gradually opening the briefcases one by one as they would in the show. At four regular intervals, you are then presented with a call from the banker, offering a monetary sum each time. Keep rejecting and you will be given the chance to open your briefcase. So, what will it be: Deal or No Deal?

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Live Blackjack

We have reached our first card game in this list, in the form of LeoVegas Live Blackjack. Yet another classic, Blackjack is a game that has been enjoyed in land-based casinos for well over one hundred years and has continued its popularity in the digital age, with the move to the online casino platform here at LeoVegas. Blackjack is a pretty simple game to understand and is often referred to by different names depending on where you are from. The base of the game though is to have a hand of cards that is greater than the value of the dealer’s hand, crucially without surpassing the overall value of 21.

At the start of the game, you will take a seat at the table and will be dealt 2 cards. The best possible hand you can get is the value of 21, which is known as Blackjack. This is achieved through an Ace (worth either 11 or 1) and a card with the value of 10 (King, Queen, Jack, 10). Throughout the game, you are given a number of options such as Double Down (double your bet amount), Hit (be dealt another card) or Stand (stick with the hand of cards you have). The LeoVegas version of Live Blackjack, of course, has the recognisable branding to give our players a good visual experience too. Can you beat the dealer?

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Immersive Roulette

Back to Roulette we go, and this time you will be forgiven for thinking you are watching a blockbuster Hollywood movie as the camera angles in Immersive Roulette really are out of this world. In terms of the game itself, all of the rules are the same as any standard Roulette game. It is played on a European Roulette wheel with 37 segments and you can place the same range of bets.

What makes Immersive Roulette so unique is just how much you can feel involved in the game due to the production. After every spin of the wheel, slow-motion replays will be shown where you can enjoy seeing the ball roll around the edge before landing in one of the segments just for that extra bit of suspense. So, if you have just landed a great win, you can enjoy it for even longer with brilliant close up camera shots. This is not a fast-paced game by any means, but if you would like an “immersive” experience then it may be worth taking a look.

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Live Dream Catcher

Similar to the Monopoly Live game that we discussed earlier, Live Dream Catcher is also played using a giant wheel that is split into a number of colourful segments. Named the “Money Wheel”, this is a game that is all about choosing which of the 54 segments you believe the wheel will land on. There are six different colours and values to choose from: 1 (Yellow), 2 (Blue), 3 (Purple), 10 (Green), 20 (Orange) and 40 (Red).

The higher the number, the less segments that it has on the wheel, therefore the less likely it is to come off. Each of these are paid out at their value to 1. For example, a successful bet on the Blue segment would payout at odds of 2/1. There are also two extra wildcard segments though, a 2x multiplier and a 7x multiplier. If the wheel lands on these then the next spin will have any successful bets multiplied by either 2x or 7x. As well as the entertainment of the game, the upbeat nature of the presenters are also a huge selling point of Live Dream Catcher.

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Online Slots and Betting at LeoVegas

So there we have it, these are some of the most played Live Casino games here at LeoVegas, King of Casino. We always make sure we are ahead of the game too, so keep checking back to see if different variations of your favourite Live Casino games such as Poker and Baccarat have been added. As well as the superb collection of Live Casino games that we list, we also have top online slots such as Book of Dead and Starburst too which you can try.

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If you are looking for a change from casino games, we also have a phenomenal selection of online betting odds, with a number of extensive sports betting markets on the likes of Football, Horse Racing and Tennis.

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