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Make the most of each game with these online bingo tips

Playing online bingo at LeoVegas is rather straightforward, regardless of how much experience you have with the game. The first step is to browse our bingo rooms, select one that suits your budget and choose a card before the first round kicks off. In this article, we’ll bring together some of the most effective bingo tips, all of which are simple to put into practice. They can make your games more interesting and might also inspire you to try out new bingo variants.

Bingo has remained popular for decades, and this is partly because you don’t need much experience to get started. Although good timing can help, the game is mainly based on luck, and this means that everyone has an equal shot at winning. Even so, there’s always plenty of tension as the balls are drawn and the numbers are called out, especially in the final stages when everyone is close to completing a line, or their entire card! Once you’ve settled in, you can personalise the look of your screen and even turn up the volume to revel in the authentic bingo hall atmosphere.

To play online bingo, find out more about the game’s traditions and try a few of the different variants, head to our dedicated page.

Bingo tips and tricks for all playing styles

There is a wide selection of bingo games available on LeoVegas’ online casino, and although they are quite distinctive, the overall gameplay is rather similar. In some rooms, you’ll need to complete lines or patterns for prizes, and the first person to get a full house tends to take home the biggest rewards.

Online bingo tips for beginners always include starting with standard 90-ball games such as Super Heavy Weight, before trying 75-ball games such as Country Roads. In time, you can work up to the more challenging titles, such as Jackpot Room, which offers three potential ways to win, and the faster-paced Zoom Room, which only has 30 balls in play!

Learn the calls and avoid missing balls!

Our bingo tips rundown has to touch on the amusing and sometimes cheeky nicknames that the callers use to differentiate between the balls! We’ve all heard of one little duck (1) and snakes alive (55), but there are plenty more. Queen Bee (73) is a straightforward rhyme, but some might take longer to remember, such as Sunset Strip (77) and Nearly There (89). In fast-moving games, it can help to be familiar with the bingo lingo – you’ll most likely pick up the calls faster and will be less likely to mishear a number.

Choose games that match your budget

Sticking to a budget is one of the most important online bingo tips, which shouldn’t be challenging if you select your games carefully. Start by thinking about how much you want to spend, and if it’s only a small amount, just play a few of the cheaper games.

You can try visiting a few different rooms to see which of the lower-stakes games suit your style of play – you’ll soon find the right fit. The jackpots are modest, but you are only paying out a few pennies for each card, so you can still have the same experience without spending a lot of cash. You’ll see the ticket prices as you enter a room. At LeoVegas the prices start at £0.02p per card, but this goes up to £0.25p for the higher-value games.

Start each game with more cards

One of the most basic online bingo tips is to start each game with more cards or tickets than you would usually play with. Although this is a game of chance, increasing the number of tickets you have could potentially increase your chances of getting a line or even a full house. It’s important to balance these rewards with the risk you are taking, so only buy cards that fit in with the budget you have planned.

Get a helping hand from technology

Electronic bingo games are easier to master than those played in a physical hall, as players can get assistance with marking their cards. As the caller gets started, you can choose to mark off the randomly announced numbers manually if you prefer or let auto-daub take care of it for you. This handy feature means that you’ll never miss a call, even if you lose track of the numbers or the game starts to gain momentum.

So, our bingo tips for beginners include playing online as you adjust to the speed of each room and begin to build your confidence. Within a few weeks, the game and its different calls should start to become familiar, and you may decide that you want to try other bingo variants, such as Drop Pots.

Become part of the bingo community

At its heart, bingo is a social game, and at LeoVegas the experience is enriched through a chat feature that’s available in most rooms. You can gossip and play alongside friends simply by choosing the same room or meet new people and get to know them through chat messages. Even the chat moderators in our friendly rooms appreciate a good natter, so there’s always someone to talk with during your games.

Getting to know the wider community and playing as part of a lively crowd can also be a good introduction to the real-world game. Bingo halls are large, buzzing spaces with plenty of noise and laughter! If you are planning to visit a land-based venue in the future, you can master these bingo tips and tricks and learn what to expect beforehand at LeoVegas.