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Online Betting in the UK at LeoVegas!

Get involved in the action here at LeoVegas with an incredible list of online sports betting markets right at your fingertips. We have betting on all of your favourite sports with thousands of markets available. If you are a huge football fan and want to place a bet on your team to win, you can do so either before the first whistle or during the game with smooth in-play or pre-match betting. Of course, the choice is yours as to which type of bet you place, whether it be on a particular event or an outright bet across an entire season.

Do you think Manchester City will win the Premier League? Britain’s latest hope to win Wimbledon? Or Anthony Joshua to KO his opponent? Now is your chance to back them and turn that hunch into extra cash. It has never been easier to place your bets, with fantastic online betting odds from the likes of tennis and horse racing betting through to ice hockey and basketball. As well as this, we offer near-instant payouts on your mobile or desktop. Our immense sports betting platform proves that there is far more than just online casino games in the UK available here at LeoVegas!

Live Online Sports Betting on Mobile

At LeoVegas, mobile is at the forefront of all that we do, from creating the best place to play online slots and casino games to having the smoothest mobile sports betting site, it’s a match made in heaven for the device of your choosing. Being readily available on your Apple or Android phone means that you can enjoy an unbelievable betting experience no matter where you are. Whether you’re watching the match at home or on the go, you will be able to place your bets.

Our competitive online sports betting odds, intuitive design and fresh campaigns all combine to help you keep up with the game in the best way possible. A multitude of betting markets are just a tap away with LeoVegas Sport. So, don’t miss a match and make the most of all the mobile odds you could wish for on football and tennis, through to snooker and horse-racing which all help make LeoVegas the ultimate choice in the hunt for the best online betting sites Choose LeoVegas Sport, the choice of champions!

Bet On Sports Here with LeoVegas

The most popular sport around the globe, our football betting markets are brilliantly extensive and cover everything you will need to make a decision on a bet. The beautiful game is presented in all its glory on LeoVegas Sport, with the use of the filter leading to the opportunity of narrowing your selection down to your ideal bet. Pick your country and league of choice before deciding on which game you like the look of. You may have a specific bet that you would like to place on a huge game between Manchester United and Liverpool or you may search the latest online betting odds in the UK for some great value. The choice will always be yours at LeoVegas.

As you would expect, you can bet on the match winner 1x2 market for the biggest football matches on the planet, but that is far from all. If goals are more your niche, then you can bet on the total number of goals in a game, as well as who you think will be the first, last or anytime goalscorer in a game. Alternatively, you can also bet on the correct score, handicap and so much more. Struggling to decide on a bet? LeoVegas list some useful facts such as form and some specific stats about the teams involved to help you make your decision.

One sport that has been increasing in popularity year on year is that of Esports, and here at LeoVegas we have plenty of Esports betting markets available for our players to back their favourite teams. Whether that be League Of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive or DOTA 2, betting is available with options such as Match Odds, Map Handicap and Total Maps. Some people may look at Esports and wonder where the interest comes from, but the full stadiums and millions of people watching worldwide suggest that this is a field that is growing immensely. Though many events are team-based strategy games or first-person shooters, there are also sports games such as FIFA or PES that are available to bet on, so we believe there are Esports events for everyone.

What Do Betting Odds Mean?

If you’re new to sportsbook betting or playing online casino games, your first step should be to learn how betting odds work. This is critically important because having an understanding of how odds work allows you to understand the likelihood of an event happening, and what any potential winnings may be. As a novice, betting odds might seem confusing, but this handy guide is designed to explain things to you as simply as possible.

Understanding Probability

To understand betting odds, you must first understand probability. At its most basic level, the concept of gambling allows you to predict the outcome of a certain event (for example, the final score in a football match, or where the ball will land on a roulette table). If your prediction proves correct, you win money. Betting odds essentially present how likely an event is to happen in an easily understandable manner.

In the UK, the most common way that betting odds are displayed is as fractional odds (for example, 4/7). However, users also have the ability to view betting odds as a decimal or in an American format.

Calculating Probability With Betting Odds

When you’re getting involved with online betting, you’ll often see numbers separated by a trailing slash (for example, 10/1). From these odds, you can calculate how likely an event has been deemed to happen with a simple calculation. Let’s throw a little algebra into the equation. Let’s replace the numbers 10/1 with A/B.

Now for the equation: the probability of an event occurring = B / (A+B). This means that:

• Odds of 9/1 can be calculated at 1 / (9+1) = 0.10. This means there is around a 10% chance that an event will happen.

• Odds of 4/1 can be calculated at 1 / (4+1) = 0.20. This means there is around a 20% chance that an event will happen.

• Odds of evens (1/1) can be calculated at 1 / (1+1) = 0.50. This means there is around a 50% chance that an event will happen.

• Odds of 1/4 can be calculated at 4 / (4+1) = 0.80. This means there is around an 80% chance that an event will happen.

Understanding how odds represent the likelihood of an event happening can give you a much more competitive edge when placing a bet, so it’s worthwhile memorising this simple equation.

Calculating Potential Winnings With Fractional Betting Odds

As well as allowing you to predict the likelihood of an event occurring, betting odds also allow you to calculate how much money you will make if your bet is a winning one. We’ll use the same examples as before (for example, 10/1 becomes A/B). Put simply, for every value of B that you stake as a bet, you will win A, plus have your initial stake returned.

• 9/1: for every £1 you bet, you win £9

• 4/1: for every £1 you bet, you win £4

• 1/1: for every £1 you bet, you win £1

• 1/4: for every £4 you bet, you win £1

Which Is Best: Decimal Odds Or Fractional Odds?

In truth, the use of decimal vs fractional odds comes down to personal preference. There seems to be an emerging trend towards decimal odds, with many sports and casino fans claiming they are easier to understand. Some say this is because fractional odds merely represent winnings, without including the returned stake.

Calculating Winnings With Decimal Odds

It’s much easier to calculate winnings from decimal odds. To do so, simply use the calculation of winnings = (odds x stake) - stake. Let’s illustrate this with the following examples, based on a £10 stake:

• Decimal odds of 9.0 can be calculated as (9.0 x £10) - £10 = £80 winnings.

• Decimal odds of 4.0 can be calculated as (4.0 x £10) - £10 = £30 winnings.

• Decimal odds of 2.5 can be calculated as (2.5 x £10) - £10 = £15 winnings.

• Decimal odds of 1.25 can be calculated as (1.25 x £10) - £10 = £2.50 winnings.

Understanding Betting Odds - In Summary

Betting odds represent the probability of an event happening. This enables you to work out how much money you will win if you place a winning bet. The length of the odds reflects how likely an event is to happen. If there’s a 50/50 chance of an event happening, we will offer odds of ‘evens’ or 1/1. Events with an outside chance will have longer odds (for example, a team which is currently languishing in the relegation zone of the Premier League might have odds of 1000/1 to win the title at the end of the season, therefore we’d be sure not to include them in our Premier League betting tips!

How Can I Claim UK Sports Betting Offers & Promotions?

Available to all new customers at LeoVegas Sport is our wonderful sports welcome bonus, ready to give you a taste of the action. With this, you can score up to £100 extra winnings with a phenomenal 100% Profit Boost. New customers only. Deposit £10 min and claim in ‘my offers’ 1x100% mobile in-play profit boost. Max stake £10. Max extra winnings £100. Valid for 30 days. Skrill deposits do not qualify. Please read full T&C's below. T&Cs apply. That may not be all in your LeoVegas online betting experience though, as we keep going deep well into extra time with frequent free bet offers online, enhanced betting odds, special event offers and much, much more! You could also claim more as a new player here at LeoVegas too, in the form of our brilliant Free Spins No Deposit bonus. T&Cs apply.

In addition to our pristine sports betting markets, you can also claim some great casino bonus offers when signing up for an account here at LeoVegas. Up to £100 extra winnings on your first bet is great, but we like to give our players plenty of options in order to decide what they want. Thus, we have a brilliant welcome offer for each of our major sections: Casino, Live Casino and Sports. Free Spins and the chance to unlock cash are some great alternative options to our sports offer. (T&C's Apply). 18+

One of our top bonuses is our NEW free to play sports predictor game, the Leo King Predictor, where you can predict a number of results for the chance to win our £1,000 prize pool!

How Do I Get Online Betting UK Support?

Looking for help and assistance? Find the sports betting answers you’re looking for in our FAQs page. If somehow we missed something you can always get in touch with our friendly customer support team, who are available 24/7 via email, live chat or phone. And for any queries or concerns related to problem gambling please visit our LeoSafePlay site for more info.

A modern online betting sportsbook

Immerse yourself in the game like never before with our fabulous in-play & pre-match betting markets on a wide range of sporting events and back your team with some of the best betting odds available. Have the online betting odds in your preferred format too, as you can select the one that suits you: Decimal, Fractional or American. You will also be able to enable options in the betslip to notify you of any odds changes. Our competitive odds mean that you may always find some amazing value when betting on your favourite sports.

However, if online casino games are more your style, turn your attention to our catalogue of over 2500 games and spin the reels in style. Or if it’s the allure of the casino floor you’re after, we have a host of magnificent live casino games online games waiting for you. The spin of the live online roulette wheel or the dealing of a blackjack live card are also available, and you can play your favourite games here at LeoVegas!

Sports Betting Filters for Your Favourite Sport

Whether you follow your favourite team or you’re a fan of all sports it’s never been easier to select your bets thanks to our filters. Choose your terms and set the filter and there you have it. You will then be shown only a selection of sporting events that you want to bet on, cutting out everything you may not be interested in. Time is precious, so the ability to drill down to exactly what you are looking for is extremely beneficial. Bet your way with the LeoVegas UK sports betting platform.

As well as sports that take place on a pitch or court, it’s important to also consider the top motorsport betting markets. You can take a look through our F1 betting tips if you’d like, where we will be covering every single Grand Prix throughout the season. Will Lewis Hamilton roar to victory or can the likes of Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc pose a consistent threat? Will Mercedes dominate the constructor’s championship or will they run into trouble? We’ll look at the markets available, such as who we believe has a good chance of qualifying on pole position, as well as who is likely to reach the chequered flag first on race day.

Enjoy Live Streams When Betting Online

Follow all of the action in the game with live streams on selected sporting events available right here at LeoVegas. Place your bets as the game plays out in front of your eyes whether you are connected via mobile or desktop. From football to hockey, you can immerse yourself like never before with sportsbook betting in-play on live-streamed sports, allowing you to never miss a beat.

Online Betting FAQ

What Is Betting?

Betting is defined as the action of wagering money on the outcome of an event. With sports betting this is, of course, specific to sporting events such as a football match or a horse race. In order to win a bet, the outcome that you have bet on would need to happen and thus you would be paid out as a winner. With online betting, each bet is placed via a connection to the internet and is done so via a registered bookmaker such as LeoVegas.

Can I Bet Online?

If you are over the age of 18 and can verify your identity then yes, you can bet online with us here at LeoVegas.

How Do I Place An Online Bet?

Sign up for an account with LeoVegas
Log in and make a deposit
Use the filter to browse sports you can bet on
Find an event
Click on the odds of the bet you wish to place
Set your stake and click ‘Place Bet’

How Do Betting Odds Work?

Odds are set by the probability of an outcome happening with all factors considered. The higher the odds, the less likely it is to happen. Here at LeoVegas, we provide three different ways to list odds:
Fractional: Written with a /, they are set as the ratio of the amount you can win compared to the stake. Example: odds of 6/1 would see returns of £6 if £1 was wagered.
Decimal: Written with a decimal point, they represent the amount you can win for every £1 wagered. An easy formula to remember is Your Stake x Odds = Payout. Example: odds of 10.0 would see returns of £20 with a £2 stake.
American: Written with either a + (favourite) or - (underdog), they indicate how much you would win for every £100 wagered (+) or how much you need to wager to win £100 (-). Example: odds of -110 would see returns of £9.55 with a £5 stake.

What Is A Betting Market?

A betting market is a specific type of bet on a selected event. There will be a range of different betting markets per event, such as Full-Time Result in a football match or Total Sets in a game of tennis. The number of markets available will depend on the sport and event in question.

What Does Each Way Mean In Betting?

Often found with horse racing markets but can also appear in other sports, Each Way is a bet that is placed with two equal wagers. One of the wagers backs the participant to win the event and the other backs it to finish in the places, which can vary but is often the first three.

What Does Draw No Bet Mean?

Draw No Bet means that if you have placed a bet on a participant to win and the event goes on to be a draw, your stake will be returned in full. If the participant wins, the bet wins and if they lose then the bet loses.