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General Deposit Queries:

What is the minimum amount I can deposit?

The minimum amount you can deposit is €10.

Am I able to use someone else's card to deposit?

No, it is not permitted to use deposit methods that do not belong to you. This includes company cards.

What payment methods does LeoVegas accept?

Go to the Deposit page to see all your available payment options.

Why hasn’t my latest deposit been added to my account?

Slight delays may occur so please refresh the Balance page to check if your deposit has gone through. If the funds have not been added to your player account, please contact your bank/provider for further information.

Saved Cards:

Am I able to remove a card saved on my account?

Yes, you’re able to. Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Profile, then Payment methods.
  2. Click Remove next to any unwanted cards.
  3. Confirm by clicking Remove Card.

How can I save a new card to my profile?

All deposit methods will be saved to your Payment methods once a deposit is made.