Speed Super Sic Bo

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Go at Your Own Speed with the Instant Super Sic Bo Live Game

The Instant Super Sic Bo live game by Evolution Gaming offers the familiar face of Sic Bo but with the chance to go at your own pace. It is unique because while you still get the thrill of this Asiain-inspired dice game, you have more freedom There are also random multipliers that can increase your stake up to 1,000x your bet. Enjoy HD streaming and multi-camera views for real casino excitement. It’s an elegant addition to any live casino Ontario collection.

Special Features of the Instant Super Sic Bo Live

What sets the Super Sic Bo Live game apart is that you can go at your own pace with almost instant results. This brings a new thrill with it as you have freedom to decide when you want to bet during a game round. The croupier is available to help you with the live chat features and multiple cameras create more excitement. The one feature that brings on bigger winning chances is the random multiplier.

Instant results

In this live casino game, dice are constantly shaking with just short breaks for the game round outcome. This makes it a more fast-paced game that gives you instant results on whether you won.

Random multipliers

Once you’ve placed your bets during the game round, some of the bet spots are selected randomly to have multipliers. These multipliers can be up to 1,000x your bet. If your bet is on a winning spot, the multiplier amount is added to your win. There are some bet spots that don’t qualify for multipliers including big/small, odd/even, and the single bet.

Try Instant Super Sic Bo Live Game in Demo mode

Instant Super Sic Bo live game offers a twist including the big 1,000x multiplier wins and instant results. Demo mode isn’t offered in the same way as casino slots are, and this is the same for all live casino games. You can check it out by logging in and clicking on the title, where you have a chance to observe the gameplay to see how it all works.

How to Play Live Instant Super Sic Bo Live

The aim is to predict the outcome of the dice value once it’s rolled. The betting table is located at the bottom of the screen, and this is where you can place your wagers - be sure to select a take that fits your budget. There will be previous results posted but most of the screen will be a video stream. The game has a feature that allows you to change camera angles so you can choose the view that suits you best, and there are different bets available to select. You can bet anytime, and results are instant. Once you have made your bet, the dice that’s shaking will be revealed quickly, letting you know if you’ve won or not!

How to Win with Instant Super Sic Bo Live Casino Game

The following bet options are:

- Small/Big: Bet small to predict the dice value will be less than 10, and a big prediction means the value has to be 11 or greater. A triple outcome results in a loss no matter what the total is.

- Even/Odd: Bet evens for an even value outcome. Bet odds for an odd value outcome.

- Total: Select one number between 4 and 17. If this total is the outcome, you get the largest possible payout.

The payout is different with each bet. The more unlikely the outcome, the bigger the win. Single predicts only one of the dice will display the number you choose between 1 and 6. If other dice have the number you predicted they would, you gain a bigger win. The Double bet involves guessing that at least two dice will have the same number. A Triple bet is a prediction of a triple result, and if you’re lucky enough to predict this correctly, you’re in for big wins!

Game info about Live Instant Super Sic Bo Live

Evolution Gaming released the Instant Super Sic Bo live casino game in 2023. It has a classy Asian theme with red and gold embellishments - red being connected to luck and fortune. The croupier is dressed in a classic red silk outfit, and multiple camera angles are available to offer you the best gaming experience.There’s a digitally rendered betting layout along with the video stream, giving a casino look and feel to the game.

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This game is licensed outside of Malta.