Monopoly Big Baller

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About MONOPOLY Big Baller Live

There are no doubts that MONOPOLY casino games are some of the most popular in the world of online casino and with the release of MONOPOLY Big Baller Live, MONOPOLY’s popularity will only grow. What makes this particular slot impressive is the fact that it expertly combines Bingo and MONOPOLY with the format of live casino games. The classic board game of MONOPOLY is arguably one of the greatest of all time and it comes as no surprise that providers such as Evolution have looked to create games with the popular theme.

MONOPOLY Big Baller Live Base Game Features

Similarly to MONOPOLY Live, the MONOPOLY-themed section of the casino game is the bonus. However, as MONOPOLY Live begins with a Dream Catcher wheel style segment, this game begins with a Bingo game. Players have four basic bingo cards with free spaces and multipliers attached to them, there are also two advanced bingo cards that contain 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls cards. Finishing one of the cards will allow you to progress to the bonus round of this game.

MONOPOLY Board Bonus Round

When filling up a bingo card, be aware of what features are attached to it, with the three rolls and five rolls bonus cards, you’ll have a chance to activate the brilliant MONOPOLY Big Baller bonus. If you’ve previously played the likes of MONOPOLY Live, you’ll be aware of what the bonus round entails. If unfamiliar, players will be transported to the MONOPOLY board filled with houses and hotels that are just waiting to be landed on. However, unlike in the traditional game, the higher the number you land on, the bigger your multiplier, so you may look to avoid landing on hotels on game night but here, you’re looking to land on those hotels!

The multipliers attached to each space are completely random but the further along the board you go, the higher range you’ll find each multiplier, for example, if you’re on the first row of the board, you may encounter multipliers such as 1x-10x. However, if you’re on the last line of the board, you may encounter multipliers of over 250x!

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Game Info about MONOPOLY Big Baller Live

MONOPOLY Big Baller Live is a live casino game created by Evolution. To begin with, players will be entered into a bingo game with six bingo cards at their disposal. During the game, the live dealer will start to reveal balls and subsequently fill up your bingo cards. It is only after the activation of the bonus round that you will see a change in gameplay, at this point, players are transported to a MONOPOLY board where the highest wins in the game are available.

How to play MONOPOLY Big Baller Live

MONOPOLY Big Baller Live plays out like most online casino games; to begin with, you must set your stake by clicking on the coin icon and selecting the coin that best suits your bankroll. You will have a limited amount of time to set your stake, so be certain before you put any cash down.

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MONOPOLY Big Baller Live Slot Review

MONOPOLY Big Baller Live is a once in a lifetime casino game, we’ve seen Slingo which has brilliantly brought slots and bingo together into one fantastic casino game. However, the decision to combine bingo and MONOPOLY is a brilliant one, if you can fill up your bonus bingo cards, you’ll be presented with an upgraded bonus round of the MONOPOLY Live, live casino game, which is one of the most popular casino games in the world today. We firmly believe that MONOPOLY Big Baller Live will end up being one of the top games on LeoVegas.

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