Nolimit City
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Step into an Asylum of Insanity with Mental Online Slot

Mental online slot by Nolimit City is absolutely insane on all levels. Enter the asylum if you dare and prepare to feel a little disturbed. Mental patients, internal organs, and dead patients may be creepy and something odd to wish for, but they pay out crazy large! Insane wins can be up to 66,666x your bet. Step into the depths of insanity with this intense game, if you dare.

Top Mental Online Slot Features

Many features relating to asylum will guide you on your horrifying journey. Take Fire Frames for example, which randomly fall on positions one to 13 on the reels. Any symbol landing within Fire Frames will split in two. There are also some incredible multipliers relating to the Dead Patient feature, including, 5x to 100x, and1,000x all the way up to an insane 9,999x.

Enhancer Cell

Found on the bottom of reel two and four, the Enhancer Cell activates with four and six Fire Frames. Every Enhancer Cell will reveal one of the following symbols:

- Patient Symbol

- Dead Patient symbol

- Wild symbol

Plus, xWays, xSplit, and xNudges can also appear with the following insane consequences:

- xWays - expands when three symbols of the same kind land. If more than one xWays symbol occurs, all xWays symbols will reveal the same symbol.

- xSplit - splits one symbol on each reel and doubles it, splitting into two Wilds.

- xNudge Wild – nudges the reels and increases the win multiplier by +1 with every step. Several Wild multipliers can add to each other for a total Wild multiplier, bringing exponential wins your way!

Mental Transform

When the Spider symbol lands on reel two or four, the Mental Transform feature is triggered and the Spider symbol morphs into one of the following:

- Wild

- xWays

- xSplit

- Dead Patient

- Patient Symbol

Bonus Spins

When 3 Scorpion symbols land, eight Autopsy bonus spins are awarded. If you land three Scorpion symbols and two Spider symbols, you’re rewarded 10 Mental bonus spins.
Each Scorpion symbol with a Fire Frame awards an additional spin. Up to five positions on the reels randomly get a Fire Frame for each spin and stay throughout the feature. Autopsy Bonus Spins can be upgraded to Lobotomy Bonus Spins and Mental Bonus Spins. With this, you’ll be getting extra features like the Dead Multiplier, which is collected. When collected, multipliers are transferred to the proper Patient symbol they belong to. This can score a 9,999x multiplier!

Give Mental Online Slot a Try in Demo mode

If you can handle dead bodies and seriously creepy vibes, check out what the buzz is about in demo mode. Jump into our online casino Ontario with both eyes wide open and play for free to experience all the great, high paying features that come with this frightening backdrop. These games don’t come around often, so if it’s something you’re into, give it a whirl with virtual coins for virtual wins. When you’re ready, it only takes a few clicks to create an account with us, deposit, and play for real money.

How to Win in the Mental Base Game

There are 108 ways to win Mental slot online on its 3-2-3-2-3 grid. With a max payout of a demonic sounding 66,666x your stake, it’s certainly worth a try. The highest paying symbols are haunted, broken patients, while lower value symbols are, get ready for it, inner organs. Eek.

High value symbols are high in creep value, and prize value:

- Patient 1– 0.75x,1.50x, 5x

- Patient 2 – 0.60x, 1.25x, 3.75x

- Patient 3 – 0.50x, 1.10x, 2.50x

- Patient 4 – 0.45x, 1x, 2x

- Patient 5 – 0.40x, 0.90x, 1.50x

- Sapphire Earrings/ Champagne – 0.20x, 0.50x, 2x

Lower value symbols are a collection of gory inner organs that pay as follows:

- Eye – 0.30x, 0.75x, 1.25x

- Brain – 0.25x, 0.65x, 1.15x

- Heart – 0.20x, 0.60x, 1.10x

- Kidneys – 0.15x, 0.55x, 1.05x

- Skeleton of a Hand – 0.10x, 0.50x, 1x

How to Play Mental Slot Online

Let’s get acquainted with this online slot and its control panels. There’s really nothing too crazy about them, despite this slot's Mental namesake. First up, notice the three dot icon. As with many slots, this icon signifies the main menu and launches a pay table and bonus feature details. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll see a dollar sign ($) icon in view. This is your ticket to adjusting the bet per spin amount. Play with this, and increase or decrease it to your personal budget. Remember, the spin amount is set by default - make your bet per spin one you’re comfortable with as this is always key to responsible gambling. And when you’re ready, the largest button on the grid is your Play button, which sets reels in motion!

Game info on Mental Slot Online

In 2021, Nolimit City released this haunting tale of mental patients in an asylum. It’s not your average online slot Ontario. You’re in a dark, dank cell that feels constricting and deeply uncomfortable. You are joined by seriously, mentally broken people that one would even think are being tortured. The lights flicker in a room made of broken tiles, much like a horror movie. It’s as though these patients have been forgotten - but not by you! The music is dark and ominous, adding to the terror you feel as the reels spin. Fire lights up on the reels on occasion, which is visually appealing and gives colour to an otherwise murky grey room. You get the idea, it’s a dark slot and not one to partake in on an empty stomach!

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This game is licensed outside of Malta.