Lightning Baccarat

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Hold on to Fast-Paced Lightning Baccarat Live

Lightning Baccarat casino live by Evolution Gaming will get you all charged up for this popular table game! Lightning Baccarat gives you that live casino feeling with a modern variation twist. The rules are still the same as traditional baccarat, but there’s a Lightning Round in play! A lightning effect strikes Lightning Cards, creating a random multiplier. It’s a wild ride with never a dull moment and bolts of extra ways to win. Seek supercharged wins of up to 512x on Player or Banker bets and up to 262,144x on a Tie bet.

What are the Special Features of Lightning Baccarat Live ?

The Lightning Round is the main feature that sets Baccarat Lightning live casino game apart. Once you’ve placed your bet, the lightning round begins. Between one and five random Lightning Cards will instantly give you a random multiplier. You have to match one of the cards in a winning hand to get a potential of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 8x your stake. If you’ve chosen to bet on the Player or Banker you have a chance of winning up to 512x your stake. If you opted for a tie bet you can win up to 262,144x your stake.

Try Lightning Baccarat Live

If you want to try out Lightning Baccarat casino live, you can check it out as an observer in our online live casino Ontario. See how captivating and lucrative the Lightning Round can really be and how entertaining this innovative twist is. If you find it as exciting as we think you will, you can put down a deposit and play for real money in just a few clicks.

How to Play Lightning Baccarat Live

Place your bet, wagering on whose hand will be closest to nine (the Banker or the Player). You can also opt to wager on a Tie. The Tie is a bigger risk but offers bigger rewards. Once the betting time is over, the Lightning Round begins. This round will randomly generate multipliers for each Lightning Card. The Player and Banker will be dealt two or three cards, which will depend on the value of their hands. Lightning Cards are highlighted if a matching card is dealt. This allows you to see the opportunities for multiplied wins. If you’ve put a bet on a winning hand, you win. If your hand contains a matching Lightning Card you get a multiplied win that’s anything from 2x to 8x.

How to Win Lightning Baccarat Live

Choose a bet and place it on the betting option. You have 15 seconds to make a choice. Once the betting time is up, the Lightning Round will begin. This is where you can score a multiplier win if one of your cards matches a Lightning Card. Your win will be based on the amount of the multiplier that matches.
There are between one and five cards that can be drawn per Lightning Round. When cards are drawn the dealer will deal regular cards to both sides (the Player and the Banker). If you placed a bet on the side that wins, you get paid out. If the winning hand has a Lightning Card, you get paid out with the multiplier. This can boost wins up to 512x for a Player or Banker bet, and up to 262,144x with a Tie bet.

Game info for Lightning Baccarat Live

Evolution Gaming released the Lightning Baccarat Live casino title in 2020 after the huge success of Lightning Roulette. After receiving a variety of awards for their innovative take on roulette, they applied it to dice and then to baccarat and it works magically for all. It’s an incredibly visual play while still retaining the classiness you expect from a live dealer game. The lightning feature is widely popular and players can witness the power of lightning on a classy black and gold art deco background. While you’re playing the game, you can check out live betting statistics that help you make choices on bets. This helps to make it even more immersive, bringing the casino experience and ambience right into your home.

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This game is licensed outside of Malta.