Fan Tan Live

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The classic Asian game of chance that has travelled the world has now landed at LeoVegas Live Casino in LIVE format! At the core of this easy-to-play game are the stunning selection of beads located on the table. During betting time, a metal cup is used by the dealer to separate a random number of these beads. The beads are then sorted into lines of four using a special stick and they continue to be removed four at a time from the cup selection, until a final line of beads remains. The question is...will it be 1, 2, 3 or 4 beads? It's up to you to predict!

In this Evolution title, you'll find both a default view, which displays the main bet types, as well as an advanced view, which consists of even more of the traditional bet types. Give Fan Tan Live a go at LeoVegas Live Casino today!

Ancient Bead Betting Game: Fan Tan Live

Fan Tan Live by Evolution Gaming is a modern twist on the ancient Asian bead game. In this simple yet captivating game, you guess the number of beads remaining in the final line. With a variety of betting options, you can stick to straightforward bets or go for more advanced ones to increase your winning chances. Get your guessing game strong for Fan Tan Live in our online casino Ontario!

What are the Special Features of Fan Tan Live?

Fan Tan Live offers betting options that increase your chances of winning. Evolution provides two game views to choose from: the default view, ideal for beginners, and the advanced view, which unlocks three additional betting options for more experienced players.


The Nim is a hedging-type bet in Fan Tan that covers two numbers instead of one, like a Fan bet. If the first number hits, you win; if the second number hits, it's a push, and you get your initial stake back. A win pays out at 1.90:1. As a hedge bet offering both a win and a push, it’s essentially a 50-50 bet.


This bet is similar to the Nim Bet because you pick two numbers, but the difference is that both numbers result in a win. The payout is 0.95:1.

Sheh-sam-hong or Ssh

With the Ssh bet, you select three numbers, and you win if any of those numbers come up. The payout is 0.316667:1, slightly lower than other bets, but it offers a better chance of winning.

Try Fan Tan Live for Free

Fan Tan Live doesn’t offer a demo mode, as it’s a live game playing in real time. But, you can still learn the game for free by using your powers of observation. To do this, all you need is a LeoVegas Player’s Account for our online live casino Ontario.

Once you’ve selected Fan Tan Live and launched the game, you’ll be able to watch other players choose numbers and place bets. You’ll be able to hear the croupier and learn how the game works and see how each betting round plays out, without any dollar commitment. If you like it, it only takes a few clicks to make a deposit and play for real money.

How To Play Fan Tan Live

Once the sorting process has happened, you can place bets on the number of beads remaining as well as additional outcomes. You can also play the advanced betting grid, which is described in the features.
During betting, the dealer moves a glass dome containing beads to the table's center and unveils them. Simultaneously, they slide a metal cup across the table to scoop up beads, which are revealed later. Once betting wraps up, the dealer lifts the cup to show the beads. Using a sorting stick, they separate the beads into groups of four. When four or fewer beads remain, the results are revealed, and winning bets are credited to your account.

How To Win Fan Tan Live

In this live casino game, the table is called Tan ching. There will be white ceramic beads, a glass dome, a bead selection stick (Tan pong) and a metal selection cup (Tan koi). The bets in this game are based on the final line of beads, which will have 1 to 4 remaining. Here’s how the bets work and payout:
Fan Bet - bet on the exact number of beads remaining (1, 2, 3, or 4) for a payout of 2.85:1.
Big/Small - bet on the number being big (3/4) or small (1/2). The payout is 0.95:1.
Odd/Even - bet on the number being odd (1/3) or even (2/4). The payout is 0.95:1.
Nim - select two specific numbers for a payout of 1.90:1. The push bet returns your stake.
Kwok – when you place this bet, both numbers you bet on are winning numbers. The payout is 0.95:1.
For the best shot at a win, try one of the feature bets - specifically Ssh. It pays the least, but you have three chances to win.

Game Info: Fan Tan Live

Evolution Gaming launched Fan Tan Live in 2021. The game offers multiple camera angles for optimal betting and gameplay views. Set in a sophisticated Asian-themed lobby adorned with candles and traditional decor, the ambiance exudes elegance. Croupiers dressed in red silk further enhance the game's luxurious atmosphere for a truly upscale Asian luxe experience.

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This game is licensed outside of Malta.