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World Cup 2022 Betting Guide

The world championship of the planet's most popular sporting discipline has arrived: The Qatar World Cup. The World Cup qualifying round has shown us that the 2022 football World Cup promises to be very competitive and features several strong teams still in the fight to win the most coveted cup in the world.

In the following article, we have listed the main betting markets for the 2022 World Cup. So, if you're looking for bookmakers to bet on the Qatar World Cup, come to LeoVegas to learn more!

When does the World Cup 2022 start?

The 2022 World Cup starts on 20 November and will end with the grand final on 18 December 2022. The first match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be between the teams Qatar and Ecuador, the match will be held at Al Bayt Stadium, located in Al Khor.

World Cup Curiosities

It will be the first time that Qatar will host a World Cup, but several reasons make this year's event historic.

First, Qatar is an unprecedented country to host this event – having never before held the prestigious event.

The most novel change to the World Cup 2022 is when the event itself will take place. While past editions of the World Cup have always been in the summer months for the Northern Hemisphere, this year, it will be at the end of the year due to the sweltering desert conditions in Qatar in June and July. The historic event will take place in November and December, making it the first winter World Cup in history!

💡 Did you know? World Cup Winners - The World Cup started on July 13, 1930, and only 8 teams have ever won this competition.

The World Cup champions are Brazil (5 titles), Germany (4 titles), Italy (4 titles), Argentina (2 titles), France (2 titles), Uruguay (2 titles), England (1 title) and Spain (1 title). The Brazilian team is the competition's record holder, with 5 titles won and is also the only team to have participated in every edition of the tournament.


What will be the format of the 2022 World Cup?

The format of the World Cup tournament remains the same, with the same sequence: the group stage, a round of 16, quarter-final, semi-final and final.

💡Did You Know The 2026 World Cup will have many changes, starting with the number of teams playing. Today, the world football championship has 32 teams. However, the number of teams that have played in the World Cup will increase to 48 in 2026. Another big change for the 2026 World Cup is the location of the matches, as it will be the first World Cup to be played in three different countries, the United States, Canada and Mexico!

Schedule of the matches of the Canada National Team in the World Cup

All matches of the Canadian national team in the 2022 World Cup will be on weekdays, except for the match with Croatia on the 27th of November (Sunday). Canada's last match and participation in Group F will be on a Friday.

See below the dates and times of the matches for the Canadian team:

Canadian National Team Schedule

  • 23/11 Wednesday – 9 pm (local time) – Canada vs Belgium
  • 27/11 Sunday – 6 pm (local time) – Canada vs Croatia
  • 1/12 Thursday – 5 pm (local time) – Canada vs Morocco

Qatar World Cup Schedule

World Cup 2022 Group Stage

November 21 to December 2 (four matches per day)

World Cup Round of 16 dates

December 3 to December 6 (two matches per day)

Dates of the quarter-finals of the World Cup

December 9 and 10 (two matches per day)

Dates of the semi-finals of the World Cup

13 and 14 December (one each day)

Date of 3rd place match of the World Cup

December 17

Date of World Cup Final

December 18

How to bet on the World Cup 2022

The most coveted championship for football lovers is about to start!

King of the Casino, ourselves at LeoVegas, already have the odds (odds) set for players to bet on this year's most loved and anticipated football World Cup.

Now you may be asking yourself - "How do I bet on the World Cup?"

Don't worry, we have created a tutorial with the key World Cup 2022 betting markets, the world's premier football tournament, so you can bet on your team!

Who will be the Champion of the 2022 Cup?

In a World Cup year, the question is: Who will win the 2022 World Cup?

At the online bookmaker LeoVegas Canada, you will be able to follow all the matches of the World Cup 2022 closely, bet both in pre-games and live matches and enjoy the best odds the size of your passion for the ball 💖.

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This year, many punters have wondered: Who will win the 2022 World Cup? But before you start betting on the Qatar cup, the best thing to do is to read up on the teams and markets available. To help you with cup betting, we have listed the favourite teams to win the World Cup 2022 at LeoVegas, King of bookmakers.

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World Cup Odds

At LeoVegas Sports, the odds are already set. If you want to bet on the World Cup 2022, you can study and check which are the favourite teams to take the most wanted football cup in the world. Brazil has won five World Cups, followed by Italy and Germany, who have each won four.

Odds for Favourites of World Cup 2022
Teams                                     OddsWorld Cup Winners
Brasil4.255 (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 e 2002)
France9.502 (1998 e 2018)
Spain11.001 (2010)
England11.501 (1966)
  • Odds are subject to change. Check the latest odds here

Betting on Canada Canucks will certainly be cheering on the men’s national soccer team as they make what will be only their second venture into the World Cup finals since 1986! Valiantly earning the honour of ‘Most Improved Side’ last year, the end of Canada’s 36 year drought of World Cup action could make them a team for the world to keep their eye on. The odds of Canada winning the tournament are 326.00

Bet on Brazil – The Brazilian national team appears in the first position in the ranking of favourite teams to win the 2022 World Cup. The odds for the green & yellow team to win the World Cup in Qatar are 4.25

Betting on France – Despite not having won the Euro 2020 title, the French team is still on the list of favourites to win the World Cup in Qatar. The odds (odds) on the French team winning the World Cup are 9.50

Betting on Spain – The Spanish national team appear at the 3 place of the list of favourite teams to win the 2022 World Cup. The odds of Spain winning the tournament are 11.00

Betting on England – The England team has become one of the favourites to take the 2022 World Cup title after their excellent run in the last Euro Cup, finishing as runners-up and eliminating the traditional German team. The odds (odds) on the Queen's Land team are 11.50 for those betting on the English team.

World Cup 2022 Betting Lines at LeoVegas Sports

To help you with your World Cup betting, we have listed below some of the markets and the odds that are already available to bet on:

  • Group Final Position - Market to bet on who comes first in the World Cup group stage. Find out more about this bet type here
  • World Cup Winner's Group - This bet is for betting on who will win the group. Find out more about this bet type here
  • Final Position (Outright Winner) - Market type to bet on who will win the 2022 World Cup competition. Learn more about this bet type here
  • Best Goalscorer - This betting market is for betting on who will be the top scorer. Ready for your guess on who will score the most goals in the Qatar Cup? Find out more here.
  • Most assists in the Cup - In this bet type, you have to guess which player will make the most assists in the 2022 cup. Find out more about this bet type here.

Is it worth betting on the World Cup?

Several factors prove that it is worth betting on the World Cup. We start with the fact that it is one of the most followed competitions across the entire globe. It is also a tournament where, without realising it, we are studying each match. The data of the competition and the teams competing are exposed more softly by the media while the World Cup is taking place.

Another big factor differentiating World Cup betting is the specific promotions for the event and betting markets that are always exciting, just like the championship.

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